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Damdama Lake

This is one of the largest lakes in Haryana and is in the Sohna Region of the Gurgaon District. The lake was first formed with the erection of the stone- earthen reservoir by the British with an aim of rainwater harvesting. The lake is on a hilly terrain and is like an amoeba talking about the shape and also has a number of granches. The dream Island is situated right in the middle of the lake and the Dream Island adventure Resort is a prime attraction as well as a holiday resort here. The Dream Island is a picnic spot and a bird- watcher's destination too. Many migratory birds flock here during the spring and wnters especially and early in the morning, the bird- filled sky is a visual treat. The nearby attractions are the hot springs and the ancient Shiva Temple. The stretches of the Aravalli Range are good places to enjoy a number of adventure sports.
Damdama lake
The place which is located around a small village in Haryana almost always remains full of tourists and those wanting to spend their time amidst nature. While most of the crowd comes from Delhi and Gurgaon, don't be surprised if you find vehicles from Himachal and Chandigarh parked around.The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery made of what is left of the Aravali hills. If you want to do camping there are a few resorts around which offer that. Other activities including water activity like boating, kayaking etc are also very much available. And you may spend your evening looking at the dipping sun, dancing around bonfire on the tunes of famous bollywood songs.
Damdama lake, situated off the Sohna-Gurugram  in Damdama village in Aravalli hills one of the best place to spend weekends if you love nature and peaceful environment.Best way to reach there is by your own or hired vehicle as Public Transport is poor.The experiences here include lake view, boating, camel safari, adventure activities for kids (though adults can do but there level is easy) and swings.Timings are flexible here and evening or morning are the best time to experience the lake view. We spent the afternoon in the shades of tree in resort having lunch and taking a nap and did boating in the evening.The resort and restaurant are maintained by Haryana Tourism department but best way is to bring your own food and have it in the open rather than eat in yhe restaurant.Local people are very nice and simple.Boating and other activities are available at normal prices that can be afforded easily.This place has nothing exquisite to offer to wander lust but one of the best way to spend your weekend holiday especially with family if you live in Gurugram or nearby area.