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All days of the week 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
One Horned Rhinoceros
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December - May
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Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Only 60 km far from Guwahati is Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is mainstream for deers and rhinos. This Sanctuary is approximately a 2 hours drive from Guwahati. Pobitora or Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary which is arranged in the renowned Magical town of Mayong in the Marigaon locale of Assam in India. It has a thick populace of the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary covers 38.8 Sq. km. However, the aggregate informed territory of the recreation center is 38.80 square kilometers, just 16 square kilometers is the successful rhino living space. Pobitora was announced a saved backwoods in 1971 and a natural life haven in 1987. It covers level surge fields and a hillock (Raja Mayong). Pobitora is for the most part renowned for its incredible Indian one horned Rhinoceros. There are around 80 such Rhinoceros that can be seen effortlessly around. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is additionally home to more than 2000 transient feathered creatures and different reptiles.
Unwind with Anu Brahma
So I was at Guwahati for a week due to some official work and inbetween the week luckily I had one state holiday in the auspicious occasion of Sankardev Tithi. I called up my friend, let's catch up it's been long and tick off our pending bucket lists this holiday. She instantly agreed and after investing some time in Google where to head we came up with the idea of visiting Pobitora wild life Sanctuary one of the nearest weekend getaways from Guwahati. Courtesy to her car and the driving skill - Era of female Independence!Where is Pobitora Wild life Sanctuary?It is situated at Morigaon district a small sleepy village, which is one and half hour drive or 2 hours from the city depending on your location. A perfect gateaway from the busy city life into the lush greenery inbetween the hills on the way to the destination.Where to stay?Make a day trip to the village or the village has few resorts near the sanctuary which remains open during the on season when the tourist visits.You need to have a few select good friends in life to make your life beautiful with whom you can share your like-minded goals. I and my friend decided to make a day road trip in to the lush greenery of wild life sanctuary which is also a home for one horned Rhino found only in Assam.Early morning she drove to my stay at around 9am and started off the journey by 9.30 am after having our breakfast. We were very excited to begin our journey and explore the unknown of the amazing landscapes of the small hamlet of Morigaon district. GPS was our tour guide which helped us to locate our destination.When we made our tour it was September i.e. the autumn has begun and the weather in Assam at this time is pleasant with drizzling rains in few alternate days. So on that day we were blessed with the weather which made our trip more memorable with the nature's wonder and the scence was to behold with the flying clouds through the picturesque landscapes of hills.I was busy capturing the serenity of the nature and chit chatting about the travels or the next trips on mind realising how happy and independent we are. Thanks to Almighty!Looking through the window of the car I enjoyed the view of the villagers catching fish in the lake filled with beautiful lotus in the water, how mesmerizing it was; the serenity of the roads into the small sleepyvillage of Morigaon district ; the Saal trees of the places which gave the village a dense look; and paddy fields with the buffalos in the green world of grass which is so sothing for eyes. In other words it was a package of experience for life time.Soon we were welcomed with sign board Pobitora wild life sanctuary few kilometers ahead where we halted our car and asked one of the shopkeepers there to take a picture of us. He looked out of reach of advance technology gadgets with his age but somehow managed to teach to touch and click the camera which produced a decent click of us finally to be stored in our memories.We proceeded ahead to reach our destination passing through the dense wood of saal trees we saw a sign board entrance at a distant "welcome toPobitora Wild life sanctuary" we drove our car a little further into the turns of the road and here we reached the wild life sanctuary.September is off season due to rain in the place so we just loittered around the park, over the hanging bridge and near the lake. After exploring the place for an hour we decided to relax at the nearest resort of the Pobitora. The resort was beautiful and while sipping over a cup of tea with French fries we interacted with the owner and learnt that the Resort remains fully occupied during the season. Each villa was lovely and perfect of family vacation or friends in a group which cost around Rs 2400/- per villa which has to be booked in advance during the tourists season.Not delaying much and we decided to drove back to the city to avoid the dusk through the dense wood, paddy fields and hills in between the journey.All is well that ends well, so we decided to treat our hungry stomach with the tribal taste of Northeast India and headed to The Naga Kitchen to experience the taste of tribal delicacies and food. So we end our trip here with good travel , food and company.The experience was rich and the memories to cherish forever which gave us the insights of the sleepy village Morigaon how simple and humble the people are there "the Tiwa Tribes" untouched by the polution of the city. Each travel gives you the knowledge of the people , culture and tradition of the place which the money can't buy for you but only travel can!Happy Blogging! Happy Pobitora! Happy Travelling!