Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 1/9 by Tripoto
All days of the week 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
One Horned Rhinoceros
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December - May
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4 out of 40 attractions in Guwahati
Only 60 km far from Guwahati is Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is mainstream for deers and rhinos. This Sanctuary is approximately a 2 hours drive from Guwahati. Pobitora or Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary which is arranged in the renowned Magical town of Mayong in the Marigaon locale of Assam in India. It has a thick populace of the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary covers 38.8 Sq. km. However, the aggregate informed territory of the recreation center is 38.80 square kilometers, just 16 square kilometers is the successful rhino living space. Pobitora was announced a saved backwoods in 1971 and a natural life haven in 1987. It covers level surge fields and a hillock (Raja Mayong). Pobitora is for the most part renowned for its incredible Indian one horned Rhinoceros. There are around 80 such Rhinoceros that can be seen effortlessly around. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is additionally home to more than 2000 transient feathered creatures and different reptiles.
Aakanksha Magan
Situated in the floodplains of the mighty Brahmaputra, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the densest population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros, in the world. Located in the Morigaon district of the state of Assam, the sanctuary is just an hour and a half's drive away from Guwahati.
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How to Reach Pabitora Wildlife SanctuaryIt is approximately 1 and ½ to 2 hours from Guwahati, depending on which part of Guwahati you start your journey from. The shortest route by road is via Chandrapur en route Mayang, the place which is famous for its dark history of black magic. If you have your own conveyance, nothing better but tourist do not have the luxury. There are two ways how you can reach there as tourist, without personal vehicle.Hiring a Taxi – This is the easiest and most convenient way to go to Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary but slightly expensive if you are on a solo venture. The cost of hiring tax to and fro might cost you around Rs 3000 or more, depending on the taxi service.Taking Public Transport – This route is slightly tricky and takes slightly longer time. Hire a shared trekker or vehicle from Narangi, Guwahati to a place called Gowardhan. From there you have to change and take a shared Vehicle to Mayang. From Mayang, you get shared vehicle to Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary.
This place is a little unheard of and Kazinranga National Park is always chosen over Pobitora when in Assam. No doubt about the former, it has a larger variety of animals to offer than Pobitora. But since I was in a hurry and was staying in Guwahati for 1 and a half day only, I did not wish to miss out on the wildlife of Assam. Located at a distance that can be covered in only 2 hours, I guess this was my obvious choice.
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Pobitora National ParkAfter picking up our bikes from THOR, and testing them and swapping 1-2 bikes for better ones, we headed to the mechanic's place(next to DannyZ garage on VIP road), to get them setup for our liking. The heat was unbearable and most of us got dehydrated, and then headed to Pobitora national park to get a hang of our bikes, and also try to sight some Rhinos (this park had opened by Oct-1st, and has highest density of Rhinos). Lunch was at Hot chilli @ Bonda Grant which served good Chinese, and loads of cold water. Ride was through narrow winding roads, with animals all over the road, but pleasant and a good break from the extreme heat. Since it was the first day the park had opened up, the tracks were not drivable so the safari was closed. But they let us walk across the hanging bridge, and were lucky to spot 2 Rhinos grazing around. Dinner was back at dispur, and we tried the Naga's Kitchen and ended up spending quite some time stuffing ourselves silly.
Nancy & Joseph Gill
Arranging for transportation here turned out to be a problem, but we managed to hire a long-distance driver. Following along Assam's mighty Brahmaputra River, the bus slowed down and we jumped off at the crossroad, hiring an auto rickshaw down the dusty 'non-road' towards Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary. As we bumped along we couldn't believe our eyes as wild rhinos, some with new babies, grazed lazily in the green fields along the road. We just sat on the ridge above these massive creatures and enjoyed watching their antics amongst the small ponds full of lotus with massive green leaves. As pointed out in "The Gods Must be Crazy", we wondered if these characters, like their African cousins, were notorious for stamping out any campfires they see?