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Group of Monuments at Hampi

Rakesh Chilumuru
It's Day 2 22ndDec 2019, we had huge list of places to be covered, the sight seeing in hampi. All the places are near by you can drive across, but plan accordingly. You may also hire an auto they will charge around Rs.1K in the peak season for a full day and around Rs.600-800 per half day. I suggest you to book for a full day, as they will need that much time to explore. You may even book a moped (TVS 50 XL) for aroud Rs.400 in hampi excluding the fuel. If you want a scooter or bike, you may need to go till Kampalapura. We started with the darshan of Virupaksha first and then went on to visit Kadalekalu ganesha whose belly will be in shape of unsplit bengal gram. The sculpture is carved out of a single boulder and stands 4.5mts high. Then we have visited Sasivekalu (Mustered seed) Ganesha which is 2.4mts high and is enclosed within open pillared pavilion.
Way2Dream Holidays
So will continue with the last day of tripping around Hampi river side which is also the "THE HIPPIE ISLAND" where u chill chillll and only chilllll...
High Happy Hippie
Last day in Hampi we met some locals who took us to this completely unexplored and secluded spot. This is million years old civilization, which is now being protected by the Archeological survey of India. The site had small structures which were the houses of people. They were really tiny houses, so we called them Liliput Houses!
Rohit Upadhyay
Capital of Vijayanagar empire, Unesco world heritage site ; Hampi was one of the largest and richest city in the world in 15th century