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Hampi Bazaar Street

Sumeet Poojary
I checked out from my hotel and headed to the main bazaar area across the river know as Hampi Bazaar. Had my breakfast at Mango Tree restaurant.
Our Backpack Tales
The ride to Hampi is quite a dusty one. A few minutes into the ride you can spot the ruins of the great kingdom. The transition from the town to a completely rustic setting is absolutely amazing. The last stop was Hampi Bazaar, where you can see a lot of small shops and eateries. We had our breakfast from one of these shops which are pocket-friendly.We booked our stay through Airbnb, at Padma Guest House which was just two minutes walk from Hampi Bazaar. There are few ways you can explore Hampi. Cycles, Bikes and Autos are the main medium to travel and explore. Since we had only two days, we decided to make the most of it and rented out an Auto which costed us Rs.1000 (~ $14) per day. We met a nice guy named Vali, who took us around in his Auto and told us all the beautiful stories of Hampi and each of the monuments we visited.Sites to Explore : Day 1
Shri Chandikeshwara Temple, this temple is on main road at 10 min walk distance from krishna temple. This temple is famous for it's architecture and impressive carvings. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Even at this temple you will now find any statue in temple. Which is stolen by Muslim invaders in 1565 A.D. The main attraction of this temple is rich carvings on pillars inside temple. Many animals like Elephants, Horses, Lions etc are carved very beautifully and with so much accuracy.
Hrishikesh Baruah
Hampi BazaarBang in front of the Virupaksha temple lies yet another marvel, the Hampi Bazaar (market). This market were excavated by archaeologists much later, and suggests about a happening and flourishing marketplace and a trading center once upon a time. It is based on both side of the gravel main road. The market is almost a kilometer long and is quite popular among the many visitors.
Akshay Jain
Day 2: Exploring Royal CentreFirst thing to do today for you would be to witness the best sunrise view from the Anjana Hill. This is a few kilometers away from the Hippie Island and you should take your scootie up until the base. The trek to top is of some 600 odd steps but the view uptop is totally worth it. Try to google the sunrise time before going to sleep and make sure you set an alarm to reach there on time. I will leave you with the pictures and you be the judge yourself.