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Hampi Bazaar Street

Travel Engineer
Hampi Bazar, it is just in front of the Virupaksha Temple.
The ruins of bazaars outside the temple, where you can easily imagine merchants bartering spices, jewels and all kinds of riches that usually surround a vibrant and thriving city.
Hampi Bazar, And points less to mention now. We almost wandered 5-6 times hampi bazar since we landed. This bazar is also known as Virupaksha bazar. This market is just next to Virupaksha temple & a km long which ends at foothills of matanga hills. At another end of bazar their is one huge Monolithic Nandi (bull) temple. This hampi bazar is two sided, some of ruin buildings having two story structure and few having basement only.Hampi photo exhibition center, this one is quite unknown but worth to visit place for everyone. On left of police station at Hampi archaeological ruins. This exhibition center having collection of first photographic record. All the photographs are taken by Alexander Green Law in 1856.
Sumeet Poojary
I checked out from my hotel and headed to the main bazaar area across the river know as Hampi Bazaar. Had my breakfast at Mango Tree restaurant.
Our Backpack Tales
The ride to Hampi is quite a dusty one. A few minutes into the ride you can spot the ruins of the great kingdom. The transition from the town to a completely rustic setting is absolutely amazing. The last stop was Hampi Bazaar, where you can see a lot of small shops and eateries. We had our breakfast from one of these shops which are pocket-friendly.We booked our stay through Airbnb, at Padma Guest House which was just two minutes walk from Hampi Bazaar. There are few ways you can explore Hampi. Cycles, Bikes and Autos are the main medium to travel and explore. Since we had only two days, we decided to make the most of it and rented out an Auto which costed us Rs.1000 (~ $14) per day. We met a nice guy named Vali, who took us around in his Auto and told us all the beautiful stories of Hampi and each of the monuments we visited.Sites to Explore : Day 1