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Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex

This is a whole temple complex where most of them are in complete ruins and some are partly in ruins. The temples all look like Jain Temples mainly due to their beautiful architecture of typical Jain Temples but most of these are dedicated to Lord shiva, Vishnu or Lord Ganesha. As you go further, you find a beautiful ond which is now dry but the group of temples around, especially the Veerupaksha Temple complex is extensive and beautiful. The other temples are the Kalu Ganesha, Kadalekalu and Sasivekalu Ganesha. The Lakshminarasimha and Badavalli are two more attractions and there is also an old Hanuman Temple here. This is a perfect spot for history buffs and photographers.
Shubham Arkal
Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex :This is one of the most famous and prominent temples in Hampi that is surrounded by a number of beautiful Hindu Temples and archways, pathways that are broken and built with strong, protective walls. The temple is also the perfect place to witness the sunrise and sunset. According to Hindu Mythology, it is believed that this is where Lord Shiva burnt the God of Lust-Kama with his third eye-fire.
Alisha Gonsalves
Later, I headed to Hemakuta Hill Temple, I spend almost 2 hours here as the area to explore around this hill is hugh.
Bhargavi Sri
-Hemakuta hill (Sunset point)
Omkar Kulkarni
The last destination was the Hemakuta group of temples. We reached there by the sunset. There is a cluster of temples on this Hemakuta hill. There are few abandoned temples on this hill. But each temple radiates energy and tells a story of its times when the Vijayanagara was at the pinnacle and also its vandalization and downfall.