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Krishna Temple Market Road

Bhargavi Sri
- Krishna temple,Krishna bazaar
After Hemakuta hill Viru takes me to Krishna Bazaar and the temple. He tells me the bazaar was a gold and diamond market during the Krishnadevraya reign, famous all over Asia. I also spoke about it in my vlog but later found out that it was only a groceries market. I had to delete that video from my vlog. I was a bit confused now because I couldn't tell if Viru was right or the book or if there's a third version. I know this happens a lot with Historical sites but I would like to know the real history.
srishti jugran
We next stopped at the Krishna temple, engraved with the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Kamasutra carvings. The complex consists of the main shrine, shrines of the goddesses, the chariot/market street and the temple tank. The main hall spots a series of pillars carved with mythical rampant creatures.#There are a large number of Hanuman statues all over the place.
Debjani Paul
Krishna Temple, Bazaar, and Water Tank (1 hour)An architectural beauty built in 1515 CE, Krishna temple is a must visit place in Hampi. The temple opens to east with a long and spread out market area with rows of stone structures which used to house several merchandises. The water tank or Pushkarini as it is called in the local language is a thing of beauty with artistic pavilions surrounding 3 sides of the waterbody. Krishna temple is famous for the stone carvings of 10 avatars of Vishnu on the walls of the main eastern gate.