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Sanapur Lake

Marsha Das
The ride to Sanapur lake was beautiful - curvy but smooth roads between hills of boulders.The air got cooler as we approached the lake but it was hidden in the foothills untill we reached close to the banks.
High Happy Hippie
This place had me at Utah. The natural rock formations of Hampi was something that I had never expected to see. It was such a good surprise to see these beautifully formed and disformed rocks by the river.
Sheeba Kaul
1. Adventures at Sanapur LakeWe hired a two-wheeler and visited the first place on the jolly side is Sanapur Lake.
Avinash Patra
It was 1 30 pm and next headed for Sanapur Lake. The road to Sanapur lake must be captured throughout. You shouldn't stop once the lake arrives . I would suggest to start the video and head in that direction for more 3 to 4 kms. The place breathes you a wonderful scenery that you could never forget. Then return back to lake ,take a ride in the coracle and enjoy the beauty of the lake and the nature. Next thing you do is have your lunch and rest a bit.
Urvashi Rana
Sanapur Lake Visit the beautiful and isolated Sanapur lake - which is around 15 minutes away from the Hippie Island on a bike. You can swim or take a coracle ride offered by the locals and enjoy the quiet and solitude of the place. There are a few cafes on the way and offer panoramic views. Personally, I spent more time in and around the lake much more than the Hippie Island.Where to eat ?There are plenty of restaurants and cafes offering all types of cuisines (as there are a lot of foreigners staying here). The Laughing Buddha cafe is a must visit for the beautiful views and great breakfast. Evergreen Cafe on the rooftop is another favorite , they also have jam sessions every evening and you also meet a lot of travelers.