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Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple

The specialty of this temple is the huge monolithic statue of Lord Ganesha which was built by a rich trader of chandragiri, which is the present day Andhra Pradesh. This temple was built in the honor of King Narasimha II. The idol of Lord Ganesha here holds a noosh in one hand, a modak in another, his broken tusk in the third and an axe in the fourth. It is said that once Ganesha ate so much that his belly was about to burst and so he took a snake and tied it round his belly as a belt. Even in this temple there is a snake carved on the belly of Lord Ganesha according to this story. This temple is on the southern foothills of the Hemakuta Hill and is almost in ruins.
Prasad Nakhawa
An enormous statue about 14 ft high of lord Ganesha. Some big slender stone pillars with many mythological themes carved decorated the front hall of this Statue.
A giant Ganesha statue, sculptured with a single rock.
A Timeless Odyssey
Sasivekalu Ganesha is the one with a snake around his tummy and unfortunately has a broken tusk. According to inscriptions found nearby, it was built by a trader from Chandragiri in memory of Narasimha II, one the Vijayanagara Kings.
Harini Sridharan
A huge Ganesha statue placed in the middle of the city. Visit it to experience viewing an idol for its architectural as well as religious importance.