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Stepped Tank

A normal stepped tank, this is also known as the Pushkarani in hampi. This is nothing but a mere rock structure now but by the design which we can still see here, it is evident that this place was once a royal pride. This place has resemblance with a number of typical Rajasthani stepped tanks and as you stand here you will be able to take a view of the surrounding areas very well. Also, there are quite a large number of other stone temples, buildings and monuments surrounding this stepped tank. It is over here that you will realize how grand a city this place must have been at one time. Trekkers also find interest over here.
Prasad Nakhawa
During an excavation in 1984-85, officers of the Archaeological Survey of India laid bare a beautiful tank that was completely under the surface of the soil and was not at all visible from the outer surface. This is perhaps the most beautiful stepped tank at Hampi discovered so far. Also known as Pushkarani, is a sacred water tank that is attached to the temples. Most of the major temples in Hampi have a pushkarani built near them. The pushkaranis were a prominent feature of the ruined town.
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It is believed to be used by the royals and for religious purposes.