Vijaya Vittala Temple 1/13 by Tripoto
September - May
Families, Friends, Couples
9 out of 54 attractions in Hampi

Vijaya Vittala Temple

Now we go all the way to very famous "Vijaya Vittala Temple". so there are two ways to reach there one you can go from Matanga Hill or you can take all the way to a road where you will enjoy the roadside fields, the views, and much more. we go by road reached there, had watermelon, plus point to reach by cycle is you don't need to take a small open bus from there to reach temple as well as you can skip the long queue for bus's around 1 and a half km which you can easily walk. an old wheel chariot is the most attractive piece of this location.Kings Balance:
The prime monument of Hampi - bedecked with ornate architecture in whichever direction you look