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September - May
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Vijaya Vittala Temple

Vijaya Vitthala Temple, it's situated on banks of Tungabhadra river. It's one of largest and most famous as well as most visited place/temple in hampi. The musical pillars, incomparable architecture and stone chariot are major attractions of Vijaya Vitthala Temple. The Vijaya Vitthala Temple is grandest of all temple in hampi. The words are not enough to explain the beauty of temple. The Vijayanagar dynasty had their own set of rules which are high benchmarks for others. The Stone chariot at this temple is one of three other chariots in India. Actually this stone chariot is not built in single rock but very smartly placed one rock cuts on other, inside the carving. Also this stone chariot had horses pulling chariot like carvings but they damaged during fall of vijayanagar. Now we can notice Elephants next to chariot. But one can easily spot the broken leg still attached at chariot at back to elephants. The stone chariot is also one of most photographed monument in India. One thing I didn't liked much at temple is the mentality of indian people. Instead of feeling proud and protecting our heritage we always show disrespect to everything. While photographing stone chariot, people were sitting near elephants, touching the extremely fragile parts of monuments. The entry fees to this temple is 40Rs which can be used at lotus mahal, museum and elephants stable if you visit them at same day.
Srijita Kushwaha
Imran Pathan
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