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Zenana Enclosure

It was an area for royal women it also has the Kamal Mahal and elephant, horses & camel stables in it.
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A short distance away from the Royal Enclosure is a large veranda with protruding balconies all around faces the central pool. It contains the remains of the palace of the Queens, the Lotus Mahal, 3 watchtowers, and the Royal Treasury.This is one of the typical example of the Indo-Islamic hybrid architecture.---> Lotus Mahal: This delicately designed ornate structure was supposedly the queen’s recreational mansion.---> Hazara Rama Temple: This was a private temple of the king. The story of Ramayana (the Hindu epic) is impressively carved on all around the shrine walls.---> Elephant Stables: That was the shelter for the royal elephants, made of a series of chambers with domical roofs.---> Pattabhirama Temple: This is a sprawling temple campus dedicated to lord Rama.#Entry ticket for the Royal enclosure is valid for same-day admission to the Vittala Temple also.
Hrishikesh Baruah
Zenana EnclosureThe next major attraction is the sprawling Zenana enclosure, built for the royal women. On the corners are the watch towers (only 3 stand now) which are somehow still intact. Numerous structures like the Lotus Mahal, Elephant stable, Queens palace, Treasury house among others can be seen inside. A huge open space with path to all the respective buildings Zenana Enclosure is yet another important place that you should visit on your trip to Hampi. The entry ticket can be used to enter the Vittala Temple as well.
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Zenana enclosure was a secluded area reserved for the royal women. The enclosure had been strategically designed for the women folks to watch the royal ceremonial functions or the march past in privacy. Three watchtowers can be seen at the corners of the enclosed area.
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The Lotus Mahal or the Zenana Enclosure is still in tact. The dome is in the shape of the lotus bud and the towers are pyramidal in shape; this way the entire building looks like a lotus by itself. The structure was initially protected by four watch towers, but you can see only three of them today.