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Hasanamba Temple

Hasanamba Temple is located in Hassan in the state of Karnataka. This ancient temple was constructed in 12th century and has religious mythology attached to it. The presiding deity here is Goddess Amba who is also known as Goddess Shakti. The gates of the temple are opened to the visitors only for one week every year during the times of Diwali. That's why, a large number of devotees come here during Diwali to seek the blessings and get a glimpse of the deity. In fact, the town name, Hassan, is derived from the presiding deity of Hasanamba. The architecture of the temple is a reflection of Hoysala's magnificence and their faith in Jainism. The architecture is awe-inspiring and is an evidence of utmost creative power of those times. There are paintings in Hasanamba Temple Hassan that represent various mythological figures. There is a peculiar painting of Ravana with not ten heads but nine.