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Beas River

This is a river which flows of the Northern states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh of India. The original Sanskrit name was Vipasha which finds refernce from Ved Vyasa. This is the boundary which markes the conquests of Alexander the Great in the 326 BC. It is said that this river stood as the largest difficulty for Alexander when he tried crossing it. The mighty river is one of those five rivers from which Punjab gets its name which means 'Land of Five Rivers'. The river is the main source of water for all those places through which it flows. This is also a main souce of hydroelectricty in North India.
Speaking of water bodies, Himachal has its share of cool waters of rivers flowing from the freezing depths of the Himalayas, and Raison is one such place that offers easy access to the Beas river. One can walk along with river’s course, or indulge in a riverside picnic and a quick dip in the icy water.Camping sites along the riverbank have started to come up, with government supported ventures becoming popular over the years. Book a cabin or pitch a tent, sleep under the stars, wake up to the sounds of the mountains and have yourself the most peaceful time as you connect with nature in this quietly beautiful town of Raison.
Sanjana Mohapatra
Taking quick munchies from the riverside stalls, you can enjoy the cold waters of the flowing Beas river. There are interesting sports activities like river crossing too. If you want to take a biking trip to Ladakh or other hill stations there are many tours and travels near this river offering such packages.