Howrah Railway Station 1/7 by Tripoto
This is the oldest as well as largest railway station of India and is the second busiest of the country as well. It has 23 platforms andalso one of the largest traffic per day. It is one of the intercity railway stations of India, the others being the Sealdah Station, Shalimar Station and the Kolkata Station. The railway station looks awesome from outside with a typical Church style of design with a huge clock on top. This is on the West Bank of the Hooghly River and is connected by the famous air suspended bridge known as the Second Hooghly Setu or simply the Hooghly or Howrah Bridge. The station was started in the year 1824. All the railway authorities have their trains linked from here to other parts of the country and the local authority is no doubt the Eastern Railway.
Rituja Mitra
We boarded a fine train from Howrah early morning. The train was packed with tourists from every corner of Kolkata. What I liked in this Train was the variety of food that was served and that too at a very reasonable rate. So I savored pakoras, idlies in the short journey of five hours!
Kashyap Kulkarni
I reached Kolkata on time, I boarded the train on time. Now the journey to Hyderabad seemed to be normal and boring. But all in these days I noticed a very weird thing. I was traveling solo but never felt that I was alone. I always felt that there was some supreme source of energy with me, all the time, in some form or the other. The man who told me to board and alight the train in the start, the priest, the people who guided me. how can I forget Pradeep, the local people who welcomed and treated me with warm. The lady in the Japanese temple, the sound of the bell, the person at Nathula pass, the taxi driver, the film screened in the bus and even the hiccups that I faced. No matter wherever I went in Darjeeling and Gangtok, people were dazzled that I traveled alone. But was I really alone or not......only I knew. I was on trip where dreams turned into reality
we saw the memorial and then straight went to HOWRAH BRIDGEThe Crowd was like " Water flowing from the mouth of big River"like infinite atoms in a place and just on the verge of collision.We went to IIT kgp and after visiting the campus we were back to kolkata we were in DAkSHINESHWAR TEMPLE actually in bengali it is called as DOOKHINESHWAR TEMPLEWe paid obeisances to KALI MATA AND LORD SHIVA AND RIVER GANGES aur aur humne vo Red Red colour ke flowers bhi liye the KALI MATA JI ke liye, we sat on the shore of River GANGA and were feeling as if I always want to be here, I dont want to go away from here. IT WAS MY HOME MY SWET HOME, I will again and again come to this place wher SRILA PRAABHUPADA JI took birth and felt that deep connection with PRABHUPADA JI and really so much of mauj with my bakchod partner Ramu.Ramu I will come again here yaar.............SRI SRI RADHA GOVIND JI KI JAI.........SRILA PRABHUPADA JI KI JAI....RAMU BAKCHOD KI JAIIII.....
Rajat Chakraborty
Taken several trips into East India while venturing East and North East India
Nilanjana Chatterjee
Now I know what you would think seeing this at first. Why would anyone want to start off their trip with a Railway Station? Or why would a person pick a railway station for sightseeing? Well, here's the answer: Since Kolkata was the first city to be occupied by the British and it also happened to be the capital of the country initially, this Railway station like no other, has stories to tell about the British and their stay here when Kolkata (Then known as Calcutta) was the capital of the country. The interesting part about this place is that it would expose you to the typical Indian environment of people belonging different walks of life. Right from food vendors to elitists. According to me, from all the Railway Stations I've been to, Howrah railway station has a charm of its own. With a variety of eateries where ever you look and bookstores, it's a good pass time for travelers who need to wait for their train's arrival.
Vikram Phadke
One of the oldest Railway Station with beautiful architecture and its apt location on western bank of Hoogly...The famous Howrah bridge is visible from here.