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Tosh Village

A village known for the plantations of marijuana, this is a smooth trek and a place of immense natural beauty. The small village is quite vibrant and populated and is just near another village of great beauty known as Kasol. Even in the Tosh Village you will find the mighty Parvati River flowing the same way as in Kasol. While Kasol is a little hike, Tosh is extremely easy and can be chosen by anyone. Another good part is that you do not need to carry much when you come here as you will find a number of homestays and very good food here. As you stand on one of the raised hillocks over here, you get a perfect view of the surrounding green valleys and the roofs of the village houses. There is also a large temple in Tosh.
Swati Sambyal
Tosh is the last village in the Parvati Valley. A half-hour trek from Barsheni leads you to this small village inhabited by 400 locals. The village gives you a 360 degree view of the Parvati Valley which is very scenic. You can opt for home stay and live with the locals and take a short two-hour trail to Kutla, higher up in the mountains in the evening. The trail reminds you of Bilbo Baggins (the hobbit from JR Tolkien’s novel) village. There are green meadows, small bridges on the way and fresh water springs. You have to take this trail to believe that magic exists on earth!
Karandeep Mehra
Tosh happened quite by accident. We woke up late at Khirganga, and we reached Pulga late afternoon and at that point, we needed a place to stay. We had decided to miss Tosh, because of the screw up in time because of Rasol, but since we had the opportunity we tightened our bags and reached Tosh in an hour or so. Tosh seems to be the new up and coming tourist spot, it's higher than Kasol I think, and guesthouses and cafes are coming up, some already there. We were glad we came up here because of the meal we got, and it was a beautiful place, next to a stream, but we could have stayed on in Pulga.
From Barshaini one can either take a shared taxi to Tosh or walk, which takes around 45 minutes. Turning left from the Pulga Hydro project, one can spot Tosh, one of the last villages on this side of the Valley. We took a shared cab with some students who were from Delhi too. Reaching Tosh, we weren't met by a breath of fresh air, the village was full of cowdung. Maneuvering as much as we could we checked into a hotel on the outskirts of the village. Dumping our bags, we immediately set out to go around the area and visited a little waterfall around a km from Tosh and walked further up the hill, had tea at a shack and walked back as the sun set over the snowcapped mountains. Stay at : Sun Valley Hotel. Decent Hotel with attached bath rooms available at a budget rate of 250 INR a night.