Hussain Sagar Lake 1/17 by Tripoto
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:30 AM - 10:00 PM
boating, jet- skiing, relaxing, photography
Free, Mechanised boa- Rs 55 for adults and Rs 35 for children, Jet ski boat- Rs 250 for 1 person and Rs 300 for 2 persons, Rajahamsa Boat Rs 500 per person and Para Sailing Rs 400 per person
September - May
Families, Friends
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Hussain Sagar Lake

This is one of the very few man- made lakes of the country and is one of the most beautiful too. The statue of Lord Buddha made in granite stands in the middle of the sparkling lake and it looks nothing less than a dream. The lake connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad and was built by Sultan Nawab Shah Wahi in the 17th century to provide the people with adequate water supply. To one part of the lake is the Lumbini Park and in the middle is this place which has a royal entrance with two lions guarding it just like many other ancient temples. on the banks of this lake are the Birla Temples all in white marble. The view of the lake becomes even better after evening with the white lights put up which make it look like a diamond necklace. You get the best views from the Tank Bund Road as well as the Neklace Road. You can cruise around here and enjoy a romantic lunch date on board only.
After having bath & breakfast we first visited Husain Sagar Lake, around 3 KM from our hotel. Lake is spread across an area of 6 sq km. Large monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha stands at the middle of it. Adjacent to lake you can explore Lumbani Park, it has musical fountains and boating facilities.
Karim S A
Hussain Sagar Lake is the Heart of Hyderabad which connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad. And the road around this lake is called Necklace Road. It is also the entertainment hub of this city. It's the Marine Drive of Hyderabad, where people from the city as well as outsiders throng for entertainment. And at night, with glittering lights, it almost has an international feel to it. It has everything for every one. You can sit there for hours together watching the humdrum of the life around you with just bhel for as less as Rs. 10/-. (Real happiness does not come with money). Or sit there till late in the evening and when your hunger pangs pester you, go relish Bade Miyan's Sheek Kebabs which are truly heavenly. Have a feast once in a while. Hyderabad is truly a non vegetarians paradise. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Haleem, Kebabs, Pathar Gosht, oh the list goes endless.
Anusha Jha
Hussain Sagar is one of the famous man-made lakes in India. This lake divides the city into two parts Hyderabad and Secunderabad. World’s largest monolithic statue of buddha is installed in the middle of the lake.I have heard about the charm of sunset at Hussain Sagar Lake. Being a sunset admirer, I wanted to catch the dusk view. So, I dragged my lazy friend to start early at 3 PM. Though she was more fascinated with the night lights of the lake so she wanted to start later. :PWhile sitting on the bus we just had a thought …whether we boarded the right bus or not. :/ We were in doubt until I saw that google map navigation marker moving in the direction toward our destination. And off course after asking the bus driver. :PWe reached there by 5 PM and what we saw ??? There was a huge crowd as it was Saturday and that too on Christmas Eve. We had to wait in a long queue to buy our entry tickets to Lumbini Park. The entry fee is nominal. The way to the lake is through Lumbini Park. After security check, we were in the Park.The Lumbini park is a good spot for those who want a loud fun time with children and Family. This Park has few Swings, Slides and Artificial fountains for children as well as grown up. The Park was full of crowd. Without spending too much time in the park we headed toward the lake.I couldn’t find the typical drowning sunset view, Maybe we missed it or we were standing in the wrong direction. But, the view of lake, sky and the horizon was mesmerizing. Some ships were standing still on the shore while some were running on the water. I took few snaps and headed toward the boating area.
The Hussainsagar lake, NTR gardens and the famous Birla Mandir are on the same side of the city. Very obvious that the best time to visit these is evening with cool breeze and a perfect place for date with your partner. For a gang of friends who know nothing but full on masti, you have Snow World and couple of water parks in the city itself. So you can plan instantly and visit.Apart from tourism, the city is also a heaven for food lovers and shoppers. And the best thing, all the local products are very economic here alike other metros like Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore. You cannot stop yourself once you see a large bowl full of Hyderabadi Biryani before you.Late to mention but not the least, Hyderabad is also rich in its education. You can find a loads of educational centers providing a variety of courses you might have never even heard of. As the city has shopping hub, industrial hub,etc. Ameerpet is the educational hub, where students from all over the country come to enhance their skills.The journey that started from Charminar has come to Ameerpet, but this is not all. There is still a lot more to explore. But just typing here on a blog will just give you information, not experience. Seriously, you have to visit this city and give yourself a chance to explore. Explore the rich culture, education, tech level of people here, art, and glad to mention, FOOD. So, come to the city and take away some beautiful memories with you.
Vandita Jadeja
Lumbini and NTR Gardens, located near the Hussain Sagar Lake are both consisting of plantation and a few rides for children. You may visit either of them or give them both a miss.
Abhinaba Chatterjee
Head next to the Birla temple. In case you aren't too religious, head straight to the Hussainsagar Lake. After a day of constant touring, spending the evening at Hussainsagar is quite a relaxing experience. For dinner, try out the fare at eat street alongside Hussainsagar Lake.SundayIf the world of film making draws you, or if you are travelling with family and kids and would love visiting a picnic spot, then go to the Ramoji Film City. It is slightly out of town and would definitely take up your entire morning. I wouldn't strongly recommend, though. The other options you can consider is visiting the zoo; you are never too old to visit a zoo :) In case you love photography, you can join me for a photowalk around the Charminar. It is a great way of exploring the place. There is also a flea market that's set up on Sunday mornings, you can pick up antique stuff or old currency notes and coins. Head to Tolichowki for lunch. The Yousuf Tekri Food Court at Tolichowki has a variety of eating options. But my suggestion would be try out the Arabic dishes which are a specialty of this place, especially Mandi, Muttabaq, Faham and Shawarmas. Vegetarians - there are options for you as well, but definitely not as much.
Soumya Sen
With the stomach totally full, next destination was the Salar Jung Museum.The Salar Jung Museum is one of the three national museums in India. It was a former property of the Salar Jung family who ruled Hyderabad from 1720 to 1948 and was donated to the government to be developed as a museum having the collection of precious stones, articles, and paintings which were collected by the Salar Jung's. The museum is huge having 38 galleries each having detailed topics to showcase. I especially loved the gallery housing beautiful glass pieces and dishware which were used by the emperors and also the painting galleries. It highlighted their royal and classic taste for art and culture. The wardrobe of Tipu Sultan and Emperor Aurangzeb’s sword are other important things to see here.A superb place to history lovers.The final destinations for the day were Lumbini Park and Hussein Sagar lake. The Hussein Sagar Lake was constructed during the Qutub Shah era and is spread across a very large area.It is one of the main sources of water supply to the city. A huge Buddha statue stands amidst the lake on an island.Boating facilities are also available. The Lumbini park situated in this complex has various amusement rides and eating outlets for people to enjoy and rejuvenate.A laser and musical fountain show are also organized here every day in the evening.Hyderabad I love you.This trip was originally published on ROADSREELANDFOOD
Deepika Arora
Hyderabad yacht club is an awesome club which offers Kayaking and Sailing in the waters of Hussain Sagar Lake. It is not the best water but at least there is something different, something exciting and fun thing to do. The location is Sanjeevaiah park near Hussain Sagar Lake.This club organized two Kayaking sessions on the weekends7:30 AM : Funkayaking4:30 PM : Sunset Kayaking
Anirban Roy
We start for Hussain Sagar lake in another 40 minutes. The rush of crowd made us feel that it was Christmas time, and selfie’s were a need of the moment. The Buddha statue was lit up and the full moon night had just the right ingredients for natural light photography. We boarded the family cruise, where we were entertained by music and dance. A high energy crowd did make me tap my feet, as I kept watching the graceful Budhha glowing amidst citylights.
Hussain Sagar Lake - Cost: Rs 100 (Food Court) | Time: 24/7 (More close to near Charminar)
Priyanka Lokhande
From above through a satellite, Hussain Sagar appears in an irregular shape of heart. The lake can be viewed while driving on ‘Necklace Road’ at Tank Bund, the waters reflecting the sky above it and whatever that surrounds it. Tourists are also seen at the pavement on the borders of Hussain Sagar as they enjoy the cool breeze and the chilled atmosphere the lake creates, munching on street food as there are quite a number of chaat stalls and others put up there.Weather has the most impact on it during monsoons as the lake envelopes itself in fog and rain and even from a nearer a distance, one can’t tell where the fog is and where the water. Such sight appears both fierce and beautiful, which is rare for those who live away from nature but Hyderabadis own this privilege, and tourists may also experience it if they are in Hyderabad by any chance when it is raining.Standing proud in the midst of the lake is the Buddha Statue on an island, which was inspired by the Statue of Liberty. The Buddha Statue was inaugurated by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. The art work embodied below the statue represents Buddhism, livelihood of a society and sexuality along with the display of art forms such as the practice of music and dance.Hussain Sagar is a favourite spot for those who want have a loud, noisy fun time in the park, the swings and cars that run on tracks — ideal for children really, and also quiet time, with their families or a beloved. One escapes their noisy lives into serenity and peace in the environs of the lake. Anybody may sit anywhere they like as the infrastructure gives everyone this liberty, and many often find themselves sitting on a bench and having a conversation in the shades of plants and trees, with the city in the background and the lake facing them. The infrastructure also provides visitors several track paths where they may walk or jog in early morning.The ship ride in the waters of Hussain Sagar follows a regular route of a trip from the shore to the statue, where one may be overwhelmed by the thrills of being on the water, as though if they’re on an adventure. A similar but very exciting thrill is experienced while on a speed boat, and many indulge themselves in the spirit of having thrills and enjoying a great time.Hussain Sagar looks pleasing in all weathers and but very different during the day and night — you see two different versions of the lake. When the night is set about, pitch darkness overtakes the lake and it becomes invisible. Much thanks to the city lights, Hussain Sagar glows in the darkness as it reflects the streets of Hyderabad. The Buddha Statue is illuminated with many coloured lights every night, which the waters show in its reflection — a view such as this is splendid and rare in city.The history of Hussain Sagar is as old as four hundred years. Hussain Sagar was established by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1562. It was named after its designer, Hussain Shah Wali.The tourists may also take the pleasures of having a more serene time by visiting parks that surround Hussain Sagar — Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens and India’s first and probably the only artificial snow-based park, The Snow World. Or they may go for movies and shopping with Prasadz Imax and Hyderabad Central within a kilometre or two’s distance.FAQsWhen is the best time to visit Hussain Sagar?Hussain Sagar is experienced most pleasing during the months of December and January, as the sun is bright and soft as the cold winds blow. Such experience by and in the Hussain Sagar lake is mostly preferred.What are the timings to visit the lake?From 9.30 AM to 8.30 PMHow do I get there?A tourist may ask any autowala or cab driver to drive them to Hussain Sagar as it is a very popular tourist spot and a very important landmark of Hyderabad. Use Google Maps to ensure your visit to the right destination.How much do I need to pay as an entry fee?Indian Rupees 10 per person.I am hungry and thirsty, what do I do?Snacks and drinks are available. I suggest you walk around and you will be able to find a tiny joint as explore the places. It’ll be fun.Moral policing?Never happens in this or any part of the city.How much do I pay for a ship ride?Indian Rupees 55 for a regular ship ride, as per 28 January 2015, when I last visited the lake.What do you mean by regular?Well, there are many services provided for all. You may choose to spend 55 bucks like an aam aadmi and have fun or you may also have a luxurious ride on a luxurious ship. Similarly, you can have fun on either a regular boat or a speed boat. The cost of all varies.Anything that I must be aware of?As you enter the premises of the lake, you are expected to leave your bag, if you are carrying one, in the storage for security reasons. However you may carry your phone and camera or anything and everything else that you can in your hands but no bags allowed.
It was evening when I reached Hussain Sagar. It is located near the Necklace road and is very beautifully decorated and maintained. It is an artificial lake made by Hussain Shah and just in the middle of the lake, there is a huge Buddha statue. At night, the lighting of the same is mesmerising. Ferries and Jet boats are available for leisure and you can have a look at the statue by going near it by ferries.
Shivali Singh
The lake as is pretty evident by its pictures, is the pride of Hyderabad. Go and sit on its side an evening and lose yourself in spite of the hustle and bustle of the city.
In the evening we went to Hussain Sagar Lake which is located near necklace road and beautifully decorated with lights and fountain. Hussain Sagar is an artificial lake build by Hussain Shah and there is a canal which drains water into the lake. Since it was night, we want to capture the lights and colourful statute of Buddha located at the center of the lake. During the day ferries and jet boats are available for leisure and water sport inside Lumbini Park. There is a food court and couple of other good restaurants around Hussain Sagar lake like 1857 and Tansen by Ohri's. Try to book your tables in advance for restaurant or else you can eat at food court.
Ankita Misra
one of the world’s largest free-standing stone Buddha statues. It's an especially magnificent sight when illuminated at night. Frequent boats make the 30-minute return trip to the statue from both Eat Street and Lumbini Park . It's a pleasant place to enjoy sunsets and the popular musical fountain and laser show
Veeral Pathak
This lake is in the heart of the city.Quite huge and many activities keep happening here like boating, fun ride etc.There is a Budhha statue and boats are available for Rs.300 (4 persons speed boat) or Rs.55 per head if you opt to go by the mechanised ship which can accommodate around 50 people at a time.