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11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
8:30 AM - 10:00 PM
boating, jet- skiing, relaxing, photography
Free, Mechanised boa- Rs 55 for adults and Rs 35 for children, Jet ski boat- Rs 250 for 1 person and Rs 300 for 2 persons, Rajahamsa Boat Rs 500 per person and Para Sailing Rs 400 per person
September - May
Families, Friends
16 out of 217 attractions in Hyderabad

Hussain Sagar Lake

This is one of the very few man- made lakes of the country and is one of the most beautiful too. The statue of Lord Buddha made in granite stands in the middle of the sparkling lake and it looks nothing less than a dream. The lake connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad and was built by Sultan Nawab Shah Wahi in the 17th century to provide the people with adequate water supply. To one part of the lake is the Lumbini Park and in the middle is this place which has a royal entrance with two lions guarding it just like many other ancient temples. on the banks of this lake are the Birla Temples all in white marble. The view of the lake becomes even better after evening with the white lights put up which make it look like a diamond necklace. You get the best views from the Tank Bund Road as well as the Neklace Road. You can cruise around here and enjoy a romantic lunch date on board only.
Vandana Goenka
4) Hussain Sagar Lake....Hussain Sagar is a necklace shaped lake in Hyderabad and the main attraction is a big Buddha statue situated in the centre of the lake.You can book ferry to visit the Buddha statue from necklace road and can see the nice views of Hyderabad city.
Husein Haveliwala
Anoop Jain
Hussain Sagar is connected to the Lumbini Park. There's boating facility available at the Lumbini Park, which takes us to the Buddha statue that's placed right at the centre of the Hussain Sagar. I don't think it's worth the money as it's the same even if you look at it from a distance. But it holds importance as it is known for its lighting in the evening. It's lighted pretty well and that attracts a lot of people.
Swati Jain
Hussain Sagar Lake: A popular recreational spot, the Hussain Sagar Lake attracts visitors of all age groups. Whether a family picnic or outing with friends this lake is visited by every Hyderabadi especially on the weekends.
After having bath & breakfast we first visited Husain Sagar Lake, around 3 KM from our hotel. Lake is spread across an area of 6 sq km. Large monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha stands at the middle of it. Adjacent to lake you can explore Lumbani Park, it has musical fountains and boating facilities.