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Laad Bazaar

Very close to the remarkable monuments of the Charminar, Mecca Masjid as well as the Chowmahalla Palace, this is also known as the Choodi Market. This is because it is the main bangle market of the city and that laad means the laquer which is used in the making of bangles. These bangles are afterwards studded with artificial and sometimes semi- precious stones as well. The main other things sold here are zari sarees, silver ware, kalamkari items, wedding items, nirmal, bidriware, borcade, velvet and other gold and silver embroidered fabrics. The scenario here is just of old wooden buildings and burkha clad women haggling and bargaining. The shops are small and some have clean, soft cotton mattresses for customers to feel comfortable inside.
Sneha Vashist
Laad Bazaar near Char Minar serves as a blingy paradise for shopaholics. It is a bustling market housing more than 100 shops that sell stone studded lac bangles. Mainly famous for bangles, this place is full of glitter. From varieties of bangles in thousands of designs, one can go mad about what to pick and what to leave. And not just bangles, laces, imitation pearl jewellery and what not.I shopped like crazy and it was so many bags full of Hyderabadi shopping that compelled me to carry a statement Hyderabadi look for my best friend's wedding in Bhopal.Remember to bargain as much as possible. Bangles, maang tikas and chokers are definitely a must buy. Sorry for the cheesy lines but have to say, "Hyderabad me ho to motiyon mein khelna to banta hai boss." After crazy shopping, it was time to head to Mozzam Jahi Market to relish handmade fruit ice creams at one of the oldest ice cream parlours in Hyderabad, the Famous Ice Cream. Around 60 years old, nothing fancy, table chairs laid out in open, one can relax in between the hustle bustle of the city and taste from varieties of available flavours like musk melon, chikoo, papaya, custard apple etc. Close by to this ice cream place is the very renowned Karachi bakery. I love bakery biscuits and this place is a must visit and a must buy kind. More than half the weight of by baggage was credited to Karachi bakery items.DAY 2Golconda FortHathiyan Ka JhadQutub Shahi TombsParadise centre for BiryaniShilpa Gramam
Laad bazaar or Choodi Bazaar Cost: Rs 0 (No entry fee) | Time: (not restricted, evening)
Jia Khan
The famous ‘Choodi Bazar’ that is situated to the west of the Charminar is a paradise of bangle shopping in Hyderabad. This happens to be one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad and is famous for the artificial jewellery sold here. Apart from this, silverware, antique items, silk sarees, khara dupattas (a traditional variety), fabrics, spices, and perfumes are sold here. The truth is there is much more that one can get their hands on at this market.What makes this place special and that which gives it its name is a particular type of bangle made from lacquer. These lacquer bangles are decorated and embellished with stones and gems to add to its beauty. Dating back to the period when the Nizam’s ruled the land, you will find it a pleasure to shop here. The lace shops are a star attraction as well. A word of caution - you would need to bargain here and trust us, the best deals ensue. Shopping in Hyderabad never got more exquisite.Timings: 11am t0 10.30pm. The real charm of this market comes out in the evening.
Damini Aggarwal
The Bazaar, situated near Charminar is the place to buy your bangles and pearls. However, I am not sure about the prices and the difference between real and fake ones available here!
Abhimanyu Bishnu
The area surrounding the Charminar leads to nearby alleys which have a quaint collection of metalware, bangles, textiles. The nearby Laad Bazaar exhibits metalware and bangles in all colours and sizes, which adorn the shops. Apparently it is here that the women of the Hyderabadi sultanate used to shop for fancy bangles.I bought a few bangles for my daughter from one of the shops. As an aside, I also discovered that in a nearby street leading to Sadar Bazaar, there was an assortment of dentists’ shops, and a large number of dentures were on display outside the shops. Quite an unexpected place for finding dentists’ shops, I must say! The main thoroughfares around Charminar are lined with shops selling jewellery, clothes and many assorted wares. There are also a number of good eateries nearby.It is implausible that a visit to Hyderabad be complete without its culinary delicacies. At a roadside shop near Laad Bazaar, I gorged on delicious Chicken 65 with Roomali Roti , priced very reasonably at Rs. 70.For those inclined for a full-fledged feast, the nearby Shadaab restaurant is highly recommended. It is interesting to note that Modernity has made inroads in the Old City too, as evidenced by a Cafe Coffee Day shop situated bang opposite Charminar! It is good to see that the old and the new coexist side by side in this city. At the end of the visit to the Old City, I politely turned down offers by the Auto rickshaw wallahs to take me to Mangatrai Jewellers, an outlet famous for another of the Hyderabadi specialities, i.e. pearls. As the Autorickshaw took me back towards my guest house, I looked back contentedly, anticipating yet another visit to the Old City in the future.