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Laad Bazaar

Very close to the remarkable monuments of the Charminar, Mecca Masjid as well as the Chowmahalla Palace, this is also known as the Choodi Market. This is because it is the main bangle market of the city and that laad means the laquer which is used in the making of bangles. These bangles are afterwards studded with artificial and sometimes semi- precious stones as well. The main other things sold here are zari sarees, silver ware, kalamkari items, wedding items, nirmal, bidriware, borcade, velvet and other gold and silver embroidered fabrics. The scenario here is just of old wooden buildings and burkha clad women haggling and bargaining. The shops are small and some have clean, soft cotton mattresses for customers to feel comfortable inside.
Sonya V. Anchan
I spent 20 minutes in Photography, before leaving for Laad Bazaar which was hardly 5 minutes walking from there. Shopped for some bangles (Another favorite place in Hyderabad), got out from Charminar Side, hired an auto (150) to Café Bahaar (the best biryani restaurant). There was a waiting queue for 15 minutes, being the lunch time. Had the satiated meal and left for Secunderabad station by 2.45 pm. Again, another auto for 150. Halted at Karachi Bakery to buy some biscuits. I reached Railway Station at 3.15 pm. I had ample time, before the train left. Released the bag from Cloak Room. Till then, train was already on the Platform. Boarded the Satavahana Express. I had booked the Cabin Chair seats. Almost dozing off the entire way, reached Warangal by late evening at 7.30 pm. I had checked out some hotels online, and named one to the auto driver (70). The hotel was closed. He took me to another hotel, which was full. Finally, I settled for Vishnu Lodge. I was bit skeptical about staying there, but fortunately, the rooms were cleaner and closer to station (700). I had dinner and slept for the night.
Anila Kopparapu
One of the most lively places you’ll ever come across in Hyderabad, Laad Bazaar or Choodi Bazaar has got quite a history of its own. Legend has it that the bazaar was built for guests who came to the wedding of the daughter of Quli Qutub Shah (an early Nizam ruler of Hyderabad).Today, the bangles – made of laad (lacquer) by the locals here are a major attraction, while we can also find a whole lot of things along with them: clothes, perfumes, spices, juttis, pearl jewellery being some of them.If all the stacks of sparkly, colourful bangles aren’t what draws you here, just walking by the marvellous architectural wonder that is the Charminar, around which the bazaar is built, can be a worthy reason to hang around in the Laad Bazaar.
Husein Haveliwala
Laad bazaar or Choodi Bazaar Cost: Rs 0 (No entry fee) | Time: (not restricted, evening)
Jia Khan
The famous ‘Choodi Bazar’ that is situated to the west of the Charminar is a paradise of bangle shopping in Hyderabad. This happens to be one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad and is famous for the artificial jewellery sold here. Apart from this, silverware, antique items, silk sarees, khara dupattas (a traditional variety), fabrics, spices, and perfumes are sold here. The truth is there is much more that one can get their hands on at this market.What makes this place special and that which gives it its name is a particular type of bangle made from lacquer. These lacquer bangles are decorated and embellished with stones and gems to add to its beauty. Dating back to the period when the Nizam’s ruled the land, you will find it a pleasure to shop here. The lace shops are a star attraction as well. A word of caution - you would need to bargain here and trust us, the best deals ensue. Shopping in Hyderabad never got more exquisite.Timings: 11am t0 10.30pm. The real charm of this market comes out in the evening.