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Mecca Masjid

The oldest and the most important mosque of the city, it is also one of the largest in the whole world. It was started by Sultan Qutub Quli Shah in the year 1643 and was completed by Emperor Aurangzeb in the year 1698. It is known that the Sultan called all the Islamic leaders of the world to lay the foundation of this mosque. It is located beside the Charminar in the south western direction and has a huge blocking wall with two octagonal pillars on the west. These are said to have been built with the same graniite. The name Mecca Masjid is because everything from the design, detailing and architecture was based on the huge Mosque and shrine of Mecca. The bricks used to build this mosque were also brought down from Mecca only. The mosque can accomodate more than 100000 devotees at one time and a gallery inside the mosque is also said to house a relic of Prophet Muhammad.
Ananiah Blessing
Arched facades made of granite, detailed minarets and the intricate carvings on the doors and windows of a structure made using bricks of soil brought in all the way from Mecca, yup that's right! That's Mecca Masjid, India's second largest mosque with a capacity for 10000 devotees at a time, right here in Hyderabad. A fine display of the architectural brilliance of the past, this place is place frequented by people irrespective of their religion. It took ~8000 masons around 77 years to build this marvelous structure, which today is a listed heritage site.Local folklore says that people who sit on the black benches lining the pond here will one day return to the same spot for sure. Interesting, huh! Give it a try! :-)I did read somewhere that western clothes aren't allowed here, but not sure about this thing.
Mecca Masjid Cost: Rs 0 (No entry fee) | Time: 10 am to 8 PM (not restricted, morning and evening)
Arindam Ghosh
The 17th century mosque
Abhimanyu Bishnu
In the vicinity of Charminar, are also situated the Mecca Masjid, and the Unani and Ayurvedic hospitals. While the Mecca Masjid is a huge, domed building, the two hospitals, made in the Indo- Saracenic structure ,are graceful buildings made in the Deccani( Hyderabad ) style.
Mecca masjid is a walking distance from Charminar. It is one of the oldest and largest mosques in India. Mosque has many verses of Quran engraved on walls in calligraphy. Architecture of mosque is finest example of Qutub shahi architecture and follows typical Islamic architecture. Mecca Masjid was created during Asaf Jah rulers. Along with the main prayer area there are tombs of Nizam and their family.
Veeral Pathak
Mecca Masjid - Bang opp to Charminar. My entry inside the Mecca Masjid was restricted. Well n because I was looking like a travel junkie in my 3/4th and Tshirts with a bag pack and a camera hanging around my neck. They lady at the door, must be a securtiy official told me that I will be allowed inside only in a salwar kameez with a dupatta. Well, i had come this far to witness "THE MECCA MASJID''. So i had to spent 600 bucks and buy the indian traditional attire. Finally covered my head with the dupatta i was allowed inside the Masjid.