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Mecca Masjid

The oldest and the most important mosque of the city, it is also one of the largest in the whole world. It was started by Sultan Qutub Quli Shah in the year 1643 and was completed by Emperor Aurangzeb in the year 1698. It is known that the Sultan called all the Islamic leaders of the world to lay the foundation of this mosque. It is located beside the Charminar in the south western direction and has a huge blocking wall with two octagonal pillars on the west. These are said to have been built with the same graniite. The name Mecca Masjid is because everything from the design, detailing and architecture was based on the huge Mosque and shrine of Mecca. The bricks used to build this mosque were also brought down from Mecca only. The mosque can accomodate more than 100000 devotees at one time and a gallery inside the mosque is also said to house a relic of Prophet Muhammad.
archana krishnan
The next spot was just nearby charminar which is not more than 60 meter from there. It was the holy place and place of sanctity 'mecca masjid'. We reached there at 6pm hence we could enjoy the lights and listen to prayers in deep isolated nature. Truly makes us feel and understand inner peace and the masjid is built majestically. It was total worth.