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Mukurthi National Park

The Mukurthi National Park is situated in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, the south eastern corner of the Nilgiris Plateau. Spread more than 78.46 km, this area represents one of the rare zones which bolster a suitable populace of the Nilgiri Tahr. An entrancing element of the Mukkurthi National Park is its endemism and association with the Himalayan widely varied vegetation. The whole tract incorporated into the National Park bears characteristic vegetation run of the mill of higher elevations of South India, involving moving green downs, mixed with mild shores possessing miseries and valleys. The scene is amazingly pleasant and ought to be fanatically ensured and safeguarded to keep up the primitive magnificence and glory of the tract. The general slant of the zone is towards the east and the south. The zone is depleted by endless wonderful and perpetual little streams. Mukkurthi National Park can be reached through 4 different routes.
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-NILGIRIS- situated in Tamilnadu, this hill is called Blue Mountains. This trek offers, full view of rippling streams, rich sanctuaries of Mudumalai and Mukurthi, thick forest, rhododendron plantations and splendid view of lands of Coimbatore and Mysore. Trekking is arranged from 3 places Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. The best time to trek is from November to February. ESSENTIALS TO CARRY -Insect repellant-floppy hat-sunglasses are important.
Backpack with Radhika
Mukurthi National Park - It is located on the Nilgiris plateau, spread 78.46km. Nilgiri Tahr is seen all through the park. The flora and fauna add to landscape beauty.Cuisine and shoppingMulti cuisine food are offered all through Ooty. Besides Indian, Italian, western and chinese-Mutton, chicken and fish are freshly prepared.-Sambhar, chutney and Mulaga Podi accompany all dishes.-Baked items, chocolates, fruit and nut are famous all through the city.Famous shopping marketsOoty is famous for, Handmade chocolates, Tea, Aromatic oils and cheese-Tibetan market-Ooty Market-Main Bazaar-Commercial Road.
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One of the seven tallest summits of Nilgiris, Kolaribetta is at an elevation of 8629 feets. Located at Mukurthi National Park of the Nilgiris, Avalanche is a home of twin peaks of Kolaribetta and Kudikkadu. It is covered with lush greenery and is a home to different species of flora and fauna.
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Ooty raises a cry that screams ‘wild child’, this breed is bound to wander through the wilderness and along with bellowing meadows of Pastor Valley, base for our trek to Mukurthi national park. The reserve is a splendid plethora of flora and fauna. Although, as much as we appreciated the beauty of it we were more excited to get a shot or two of the famous Nilgiri Tahr or any other endangered species. We navigated around intense wilderness of the forest to the vast stretches of the greenlands blended so perfectly with the groves of trees and sholas that nothing seemed more at rest enough to put me into trance. The tropical weather sure did give us a run for our jackets and a cup of tea.