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September - May
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Jaigarh Fort

Surbhi Somani
Main attraction is Jaivana cannon which used to be the worlds largest cannon on wheels.
Nikit Gulyani
The last day of our trip was dedicated to the final place on our itinerary situated at a height on the hills of Aravali, the Jaigarh fort . The unending walls of the forts of Rajasthan have their own story, some are scripted and some are sipped deep inside as cry of war and dark secrets. provides a picturesque view. Forts are meant to be massive in structure to protect against attack from enemies and hence their walls are the major attractions. The high walls of the fort give a magical appeal to the entire area. The Jaivan cannon is the major attraction which is kept on top of the the hill.
Pratik Jena
Travel Tales by Neha
Jaigarh Fort: This gateway provides access to the inner court in which the principal apartments of the kings are situated and wherein everything from the roof to the floor is to be seen in marble.
Shivangi Johri
4. Jaigarh FortJaigarh Fort is located on the Cheel ka Teela of the Aravalli range. The fort features a cannon called "Jaivana" which is the world's largest cannon on wheels. It also offers a magnificent view of the city.