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When in the city
9:00 AM- 4:30 PM
Take a walking tour
INR 35- Indians, INR 85- Foreigners
September - May
Families, Couples
10 out of 190 attractions in Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort

Located on a cliff, Jaigarh Fort is among the known ones where Jaipur’s list of attractions are concerned. In other words, it is also known as the Victory Fort. The place has a major attraction in the form of the largest cannon which is placed on the top level of the fort. It is also known as Jaivana. The fort was not only made with the purpose of battle but also as a storage to heavy ammunition. A walking tour (which might be a long one) will give you a detailed idea about the history of the place as well as the royal families. There is a small museum with sculptures of the raja and his ranis sitting and having their meals.
Jaigarh Fort: This gateway provides access to the inner court in which the principal apartments of the kings are situated and wherein everything from the roof to the floor is to be seen in marble.
Shivangi Johri
4. Jaigarh FortJaigarh Fort is located on the Cheel ka Teela of the Aravalli range. The fort features a cannon called "Jaivana" which is the world's largest cannon on wheels. It also offers a magnificent view of the city.
Soumita Das
Jaigarh Fort is located on a hill top, overlooking the Amber Fort and the Maota Lake.There is a big cannon centrally located in this fort.
Er Utsal Chaudhary
फिर वहां से हम लोग जयगढ़ किले को देखने गए। जयगढ़ का किला देखने के बाद ये एहसास होता है पहले के राजा कैसी जिंदगी जीते होंगे, साथ ही उनको अपने सुरक्षा के कैसे कैसे इंतजाम करने पड़ते थे। वैसे पहले नज़र में तो किला दूर से ही एकदम शानदार लगता है। यहाँ आपको टिकट के लिए  35 रुपये देने होंगे।
Vikram Mn
We started our second day with Jaigarh Fort which was again a great place to go hide and seek. It has the world's greatest cannon and also provides a fascinating view of the city.