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Jaigarh Fort

Located on a cliff, Jaigarh Fort is among the known ones where Jaipur’s list of attractions are concerned. In other words, it is also known as the Victory Fort. The place has a major attraction in the form of the largest cannon which is placed on the top level of the fort. It is also known as Jaivana. The fort was not only made with the purpose of battle but also as a storage to heavy ammunition. A walking tour (which might be a long one) will give you a detailed idea about the history of the place as well as the royal families. There is a small museum with sculptures of the raja and his ranis sitting and having their meals.
Aarush Tandon
Jaigarh Fort is at walking distance from Amer Fort, located at the promontory called "Cheel Ka Teela" of Aravalli Range overlooking Amber Fort and Maota Lake. The world's biggest cannon wheels, the Jaivana Cannon, whose manufacturing took place within the fort, still sits inside the fort.
Eldho Elias
Upon reaching there, we experienced what a scorching sun really is. We were really burning in the heat. As composite ticket is not accepted here, we took a ticket from the counter and entered the fort complex. As soon as we entered the complex, what we saw was a shop selling water. Everyone of us were so relieved to see the sight and we bought a bottle for each of us. We then moved to a platform where many people where seen. It is where the world's largest cannon on wheels - 'Jaivana' is exhibited. It is believed that the one and only test fire of the cannon propelled the cannonball to a distance of 35 km bursting the eardrums of the artillery man.
Next day I explored Jaigrah Fort first. built by Raja Jai Singh II to protect the Amber Fort and its palace complex and was named after him. Its also know as Victory Fort, because it has never been conquered.The major attraction in the fort is Jaivana, the largest cannan the world’s largest cannon on wheels.
Jaigarh Fort :The First stop was Jaigarh Fort, 13km away from the bus stop. There is no direct bus to reach here. So Its a mind game to find an auto in an affordable price. After some searching and negotiation, I finally found an auto who was ready in INR 400 (you can check Ola and Uber too). If you could find a partner then the price reduce proportionally. I waited but luck did not worked for me. The auto passed through Ajmer Gate, one of the entry point to Pink City (Spoiler: whole city is not pink, only this old part of it). The driver was very friendly and narrated me stories in pathway. He told me that there is INR 1000 fine if you paint any other color except Pink. He first took me to Brahma Mandil and from there we left for Jaigarh Fort.
Karishma Mayur
7)Jaigarh Fort: A military fort, this houses the largest canon in the world.
Ashish Mishra
Situated on a hill called as "Cheel ka Tila" (Hill of Eagles). Jaigarh fort is said to have the largest canon in the world. To enter fort you need to pay 50 bucks more which we found to be bit expensive as Jaigarh fort has nothing much to offer than some view points which can be easily seen from other places in Amer Fort as well.After visiting Jaigarh fort we went straight to Jaipur where we had our lunch and then started searching for hotel to stay.Word of advise, plan your itinerary beforehand if you are going for just a day or two. It will save you lots of hassle and your valuable time at the destination. We spent around 3 hours trying to find hotel and it was bit frustating. We also got parking ticket issued and had to go to local police station to get our car out of impound.Anyway after all these hassle we were able to find a cheap hotel near
Don't be surprised, Jaigarh Fort is just a few kilometers away from Nahargarh and this is where you should be heading next.
Vandita Jadeja
Jaigarh Fort: The Jaigarh Fort is connected to the Amer Fort and can be visited while on the way to Amer. It has the 'World's largest cannon on wheels'. The opulent structure has think walls of red sand stone of 3 kms. The entire area is huge and has a weapon museum as well. There is a garden at the back and one can get beautiful view of the city from the top.
Next destination is Jaigarh fort, which houses the world’s largest cannon ‘Jaivana’. I feel a guide is needed to roam through the labyrinthine passageways and marvel at the well kept quarters with model figures to depict the olden times. The Jaigarh fort is still under the Maharaja of Jaipur. The foundry which forged the massive cannon is also worth a look, and the height of the fort affords a breath-taking view of the city.
Rohith Girish
Day 7, 1 pm - The "star attraction" at this Fort is the Jaivana, a huge cannon which still stands today! It is so massive that it took 4 elephants to swivel the cannon on its base! If you have the time, you can also visit the foundries at the back of the Fort where they built these cannons.
Jaigarh and Amer are at distance which you can easily cover walking and if weather is good its going to a great half hour walk. Jaigarh fort has a museum with a pretty descent collection of cannons,an armoury , the world's biggest canon Jaivana and the cannon foundry and the Palace is also open to public.While you traverse its boundary the city and amer fort in distance is a pretty sight .
Jaigarh fort is near Amber fort but at a slightly higher ground.
Pushp Mishra
This is the largest of all the forts there. And the grand Cannon is kept here.
Chhavi Vaibhav Sharma
You may skip this place if not interested in seeing Arms, ammunition building center. But i will recommend to visit it once if you have time. It has many "Topps" from ancient time, prepared to be used for war.
Shipra Dubey
The majestic Jaigarh fort is connected to Amber fort and it is said that the fort was created to fight the battle and storing the heavy ammunition. Its a long walk if you want to cover the entire fort walking. Every place every corner gives you a virtual walk in the rich history. The Palace contains the world’s largest cannon on wheels. It also has a museum which portary’s the Raja having his meal, several women siting together, a thali ready to be served and various other statues that gives you an insight into the life those days. It also has the assembly hall for the warriors. A three kilometer walk through this fort is a treat in real sense.
Kushendra Tiwary
The World's largest Canon was here. One is left spellbound after seeing what people in the past could do with their skills and know-how.
Nancy Nance
It's a palatial structure perched on a cliff, which is also known as Victory Fort and houses the world's largest cannon on wheels called "Jaivana".
Aparna Parinam
Our next stop was Jaigarh fort, which means the Fort of Victory, and is located 12 kilometres away from Jaipur. This colossal fort is the best of the three forts overlooking the city (the other two being the Amber and the Nahargarh forts) It is built atop a hill by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1726 A.D. While the Amber fort is situated at the bottom of the hill. Both the forts are well connected through guarded passages. Nestled amidst rock-strewn, thorny scrub-covered hills, this rugged fort, was a center of artillery production for the Rajputs. The highlight of the fort is the Jaivana, which is the world’s largest cannon on wheels! There is a vast collection of cannons in this fort. This fort also served as the royal treasury for a number of years. A huge moat surrounds the fort, too ! A striking museum is present in its premises,with an extraordinary collection of armoury used during the bygone era including swords, shield, guns, cannon balls etc. Another interesting feature is, the water channels built inside the fort – part of rainwater harvesting system ! There are a total of 3 underground tanks in the fort and the largest of them had the capacity to store 60,00,000 gallons of water. A 5 kilometre long canal can be seen entering the fort complex to bring in water from the high hills and store in the fort . A huge water tank is centrally located connecting the canal. Truly, a planning and engineering feat !