Early morning, late afternoon
September - May
Couples, Friends, Families, Solo
20 out of 190 attractions in Jaipur

Monkey Temple (Galta Ji)

Galta is another reflection of the traditional past of the royal families. Though, Galta is a totally desolate place, it is definitely one of the places to visit in Jaipur to check the architecture of the place. It is located on a rocky valley and is also famously known as Monkey Temple because of so many monkeys around. Do not forget to buy peanuts for them from the main gate! There are sacred tanks as well in the temples which is a couple of elephants deep in nature. You can also find a number of frescoes here and some of the important ones are of Krishna with gopis and maharaja playing polo. There is Surya Mandir on the ridge of the Galta which is another thing to add to your list for exploration. You can get a hazy but spectacular view of the city from the Suraj Pol of this temple. The architecture of the entire place is worth making a memory of.