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Ratan Textile Pvt Ltd

For those who want the tradition of Jaipur to showcase in their everyday products and furnishings, there is nothing better than making a visit to the country famous Ratan Textiles Pvt Ltd. Located on the Ajmer Road, the products available her are innumerable but a little expensive. However, the quality is worth the amount you spend. They have actually merged traditional designs with their modern techniques to bring flawless products on the shop racks in the form of gift items, handmade papers, furnishings and home décor items and a lot more. Block printing and tie and dye are some of the traditional designs that they excel in.
Some of Jaipur's best block-printing worck can be found at RATAN TEXTILES ON Ajmer Road. Traditional and modern techniques combine to create exceptional and high quality home furnishings, handmade paper and gifts.