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December - February
Families, Couples
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Patwon haveli is a symbol of the Power of Jainism in rajashthan. There are 5 haveli which have the same outer structure.From that 1st haveli owned by the kothari family of jodhpur. Two haveli owned by the government of India & Two haveli owned by family who built this also they are living here.Kothari's patwon haveli is a museum so we visited it inside that they have a collection of very old styles of Rajasthani home decoration. If you are interested in it you must visit.
DAY 4 JAISALMER FORT - The living fort.We hopped on the bike we rented in Jaisalmer and drove inside the fort. The best thing about this fort is that it is open 24*7 obviously the major temples , the main palace have their closing times but other than those you can roam around the fort, shop local art pieces, eat and just chill.
Ias Mounika
Right after that I made a Chinese friend with whom I visited haveli by talking with Google translator
Jimish Parekh
One of the most beautiful treasure of Jaisalmer city is "Patwon Ji ki Haveli". First ever erected haveli in Jaisalmer which is not just one haveli but cluster of 5 small havelis. History goes as back as 1805 when construction of commissioned by Guman Chand Patwa for himself who was a very rich man and a renowned trader of his time. After that time he ordered construction of five stories for his each sons. Whole haveli took 60 years to complete in 19th century. Don't forget to roam around the streets and reach here.