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Buxa Tiger Reserve

This 760 sq kms tiger reserve is located in the Buxa National Park which includes animals like tiger, Gaur, civet etc. It runs along the international border with Bhutan.
The most popular destination of Eastern Dooars is the Buxa forests. The forests of Buxa is by far the largest in Dooars. Buxa Tiger Reserve is part of the Buxa National Park.Within the Reserve you can view other animals such as elephants, Chinese pangolin, royal python, great hornbill, to name a few. Another prime attraction here are the many colorful species of butterflies.Tourists may also visit a number of destinations within Buxa such as Raimatang, Buxa Fort, Jayanti, Lepchakha and others. Coochbehar, the erstwhile kingdom of the Cooch dynasty also falls in the area.
Suvhojit Khan
Day 2: After breakfast, we took our hire car and arrived at Buxa Fort trekking start point. We started at 9:40 am and reached and return around 12:15 pm. This 5-6 km journey (complete expedition) was remarkable. We have witnessed a remarkable landscape beauty of whole Buxa tiger reserve from a viewpoint and also throughout the trekking trail.
Suvhojit Khan
Day 1: Our schedule for arrival was 9:30 but we reach late at 12:30 pm in Cooch Behar station. We hired a car from station to Buxa Humro Home which takes around 1 hour to reach.After lunch, around 3 pm we go for jungle safari in Buxa tiger reserve. Safari jeep came for pickup. I love this forest. Also, we spot wildlife there. Spending time in Buxajhora riverbed inside the forest was a great experience. We return to homestay around 5:30 pm.