Flying Fox Jodhpur 1/undefined by Tripoto
Preferably early morning
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Adventure sports
INR 1800 per person for the tour
September - February
Friends, Couples, Families
1 out of 15 attractions in Jodhpur

Flying Fox Jodhpur

If you are in for adventure when travelling to the beautiful city of Jodhpur, the best is to visit FLYING FOX once. It is more of a circuit which consists of about 6 zip lines located in the northern side of Mehrangarh. It passes via lakes, bastions as well as walls to give you a lifetime experience. There is no doubt that the activity is fun and worth the money you spend on it. Before the start of the sports, there are proper standards and guidelines that are explained for safety reasons. The entire tour might take you around 1-1 ½ hours. Chokelao Bagh is the starting point of this zip line.
Priya Pareek
This enthralling Mehrangarh zipline ride lets you glide serenely over the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. You can behold stunning vistas of the 'Blue City' of Jodhpur along with an aerial experience of two desert lakes and the Rao Jodha Eco Park.About the activity
Rohith Girish
Day 8, 6 am - Our visit to Mehrangarh Fort was scheduled for 7 am, so we quickly freshened up, treated ourselves to a light breakfast at a nearby hotel and drove to the Fort. Mehrangarh Fort is famous for the Flying Fox zipline. It is a must-do if you ever visit Jodhpur, simply for the breathtaking views of Mehrangarh Fort and Jodhpur city and the adrenaline rush it gives you!
Ruchi Jain
This is meant for all the adventure lovers. Flying Fox offers you the unique oppourtunity to go zip-lining through the Mehrangarh Fort. People in a group of 12 can go for this. It is indeed fun and adventurous. Although i am more fond of water sports activities, trying this was also fun but scary too.