Around INR 250 per night on a shared room basis

Gypsy Hostel

For those travelers who are more of a backpacker and need hostels for stay purposes instead of the expensive and luxurious hotels, Zostel is one of the best 3 options available in Jodhpur. The people here are highly professional and ensures the comfort of the guests. The two men who started this concept of making hostels around India are trying to bring in the concept of Europe in the sub-continent. You can not only meet other backpackers but also be rest assured that the place is clean, has good rooms with AC and is cheap on the pocket. It might be a little outside the city but is worth every penny.
Gautam Modi
It’s a must visit for Lunch. Amazing looking place. Awesome retro decor, as well. It’s really notable for its Vegetarian food. It’s a star brand in Jodhpur since 1991. Service is the best till date in whatever eating place I went. It took us 2 hours to land up the lunch. It was really fresh since the outside weather was sunny.