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As soon as you are hungry
Morning 7:00 AM to evening 7:00 PM
Have sweets and snacks
INR 100 per person

Janta Sweet Home

As the name suggests, this is one of the renowned sweet shops that one should definitely include in things to do in Jodhpur. Apart from the world famous sweets, they have a huge menu with Indian snacks to savour. Not only are the snacks good in size but also fresh and at affordable rates. Mawa Kachori is supposed to be one of the dishes that is a must try according to a lot of travelers. Do not forget to indulge in the true Rajasthani delicacies here.
Postcard Chronicles
Janta Sweet HomeMy trip is never complete without experimenting food joints in a city. I can even skip shopping but never give up trying on a local cuisine. This is definitely a MUST DO place. Now don’t ask me should I have a sweet shop in a list of must do places!? Obviously, when a shop has so much to offer from mawa kachories to malai sandwich, hot samosas to mirchi badas, pizzas to papads, fast food to traditional sweets under one roof, why not give it a try.Jodhpur is a beautiful city that should be seen if you’re planning a trip to Rajasthan.
Ruchi Jain
If travel means food to you, this place is a must visit for you. Janta Sweet home is not only famous for the sweets but also it's iconic snacks menu offered. They are fresh and huge in size. One of the best food found there is Mawa Kachori. Dont miss this. Try. Enjoy.
The pyaaz ki kachoris at Nai Sadak's Janta Sweet Home are delicious. Attempt the deep-fried flour patties stuffed with a caramelized onion filling only if you can handle spice.