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Discover Buddhism and how it was practiced during the early stages.
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Lenyadri Caves

Another one among the famous Buddhist caves discovered around the 2nd century CE, the Lenyadri caves are beautiful and are about 30 in number. Excavations have revealed that some of these caves were used as monasteries and praying halls while others used to be the dwelling places for the Hinayana Buddhist monks. Some of the famous caves here are No 7 that contains a shrine dedicated to the Elephant God Ganesha. This shrine happens t o be a part of a group of 8 such shrines which are together known as the Asthavinayaka. The caves are a treat to visit and one will relish the sights here.
Shubham Saxena
The entire atmosphere was so charming there, that we didn’t want to turn back to our home, but we had to ! But still, we had one place in our trail before completing this ride and it was Lenyadri caves which are a series of about 30 rock-cut Buddhist caves.