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Tiger Fall -Chakrata

Tiger Fall Chakrata is located in Uttarakhand. It is at a distance of 98 km from Dehradun. A trail of 5 km leads to Tiger Fall. It stretches through oak and rhododendron trees and can be trekked easily. It is at an elevation of 312 feet above sea level. Tiger Fall Chakrata is India's highest direct waterfall. It is among the most popular destinations of Uttarakhand and is a good spot for picnic and photography. Those who enjoy adventurous activities and seek solace in nature also enjoys the beauty of the falls. Tiger Falls Dehradun is easy to reach. Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is at a distance of 116 km from Dehradun. Dehradun Railway station is at a distance of 86 km from it. Cab services are also available to Chakrata. The lush green surroundings, crystal-clear waters and tranquil atmosphere of the falls make it a famous spot among tourists.
Mohit Singh Arora
As We settled and rested for a while , We went ahead to  Majestic Tiger Fall which is huge , It is around 50 Km from Resort and took us almost two hours to reach there. A Very Big Waterfall , Which is known to very less People. Very less crowded and you can enjoy it thoroughly , You can even have few drinks as no body bother there because of its off beat destination. AFternoon was spent there having a Great fun and bath in the waterfall. After that , We had Maggi on the nearby stall. and headed to Main City where we had some snacks as we were hungry from Morning. Finally around evening we reached back to our resort.
1. Tiger Fall: 312 ft high waterfall, Highest waterfall in Uttrakhand.
It was chill morning at 8 am and still we were half asleep. I looked outside the window and chilled wind again kissed me on my face. And in no time I put my blankets and went for some more rest. Then finally at 10 am, I left my bed and decided to pack up for check out. Our plan was to visit Tiger fall and explore Chakrata. I got ready and ordered for breakfast. There was some time in breakfast so I decided to move out from room and ahead of me was beautiful view of Himalayas and I was surprised to see that white Himalaya line from the frame of trees. The view was awesome. There was peace and I sat near to the valley,light music on and went on looking to my crush- Himalaya. Meantime, the breakfast came and I took my plate and sat again on the same spot. That was perfect scene with trees around, few sheep grazing on side, and Himalaya in my front. We had breakfast, thanked Rohan and drove to Tiger falls. Tiger falls was 3km ahead of Chakrata after taking a left turn. We were coming back to Chakrata road and took u turn downside just before 3km of Chakrata. Boards were showing some 20km to Tiger falls at u-turn. Finally, we reached Tiger fall. The road condition was ok but they were not maintained and might get slippery in monsoon. We parked bike one km before Tiger fall as no vehicle can made it to the spot. We got its first sight and it made me excited to jump. I changed my clothes in no time. There were few cafe shops for refreshments and two changing rooms. The water was falling from 50mts height into the pool and the flow of water was damn strong. We jumped into the pool and went under the powerful force of water. Felt so freshed and lively and somewhat I challenged myself to get under those powerful streams coming from 50m height. We spent half an hour in pool. Then changed clothes, had tea and maggi and took our road to Chakrata. It was 4pm by then.
Ambika Bhardwaj
There's a reason why they call it the "Tiger Falls"! The water roars unabhashedly, when it falls on a 100 meter pool of water below! It is a waterfall set at an altitude of 3612 ft, and is said to be one of the highest in Uttarakhand.How to reach:—Hike up to the Viraat Khai market. It is just 1 km away from Singor—Hire a shared taxi from the Viraat Khai market to Chakrata (30 km away). It should cost you around Rs. 100 to 200—From Chakrata start the trek to Tiger FallsTrekThe starting point of this 7 to 8 km trek is Chakrata town. The gradient is easy with some downward slopes. Patches of forest and distant view of villages, keeps the traveller's heart humming!What to eat?There is a canteen near the Tiger falls. Mountain Maggi and chai, are all time favorites, there!
The name is derived from the sound the of water falling down...it is said that it resembles the roar of a tiger.