Tiger Fall -Chakrata 1/8 by Tripoto

Tiger Fall -Chakrata

Ambika Bhardwaj
There's a reason why they call it the "Tiger Falls"! The water roars unabhashedly, when it falls on a 100 meter pool of water below! It is a waterfall set at an altitude of 3612 ft, and is said to be one of the highest in Uttarakhand.How to reach:—Hike up to the Viraat Khai market. It is just 1 km away from Singor—Hire a shared taxi from the Viraat Khai market to Chakrata (30 km away). It should cost you around Rs. 100 to 200—From Chakrata start the trek to Tiger FallsTrekThe starting point of this 7 to 8 km trek is Chakrata town. The gradient is easy with some downward slopes. Patches of forest and distant view of villages, keeps the traveller's heart humming!What to eat?There is a canteen near the Tiger falls. Mountain Maggi and chai, are all time favorites, there!
The name is derived from the sound the of water falling down...it is said that it resembles the roar of a tiger.
After a trek which lasted about half an hour, we reached level ground...and the falls were no where in sight!Then we asked around, and to one side we saw some signs. And suddenly....we came face-to-face with the magnificent falls cascading down the rocks.
Ekansh Saxena
The trek is full of all the twists and turns that the trail has to offer, the beauty of the sight of these roaring falls is stunning.