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Karnala Bird Sanctuary

A very popular plae especially with bird- watchers and trekkers, this bird sanctuary is in the lap of the Sahyadri ranges and is a part of the Bombay- Goa Expressway. Earlier, this place was known to be just a rok climbing area but has now become even more important. The Karnala Fort and the trail known as the Funnel Path leading to ot also very popular. The Thumbs Up Point is famous as tourists can enoy some of the most beautiful views of the region from here. Also, this sanctuary is home to over 150 species of birds and animals. This includes both resident and migratory species. Three rare species which have been spotted here are the three- toed kingfisher, Ashy Minivet and the Malabar Trogon. Animals found here include langurs, rhesus monkeys and others. The best saesons to enjoy bird watching here are monsoons and the winters.
Karnala Bird Sanctuary (Raigad)Take a short break and move towards Panvel, it is a great weekend place especially for kids to experience the wilderness, karnala bird sanctuary is just 12 km from Panvel. It is specifically a bird sanctuary. Dense forest, twisting vines, wild ferns, chirping birds, squirrels, lizards and geckos, flapping butterflies, monkey, and jungle fowl.There are State Transport buses running regularly from Mumbai Central to Karnala.Auto rickshaws and taxis going from Panvel to Pen also drop visitors off at Karnala.
Conservation Site No 4 - Karnala Bird Sanctuary, MaharashtraKarnala is beautiful trail that leads to a peaceful fort a short distance away from Mumbai. Karnala Bird Sanctuary is near Panvel on the old Mumbai - Pune Highway. The sanctuary is divided into two parts, the first is the trail that leads to the Karnala Fort and the second is on the other side of the road which is a dense forest. Both parts are home to beautiful and rare birds as well as wildlife. Make sure you go with a good camera and a lot of patience to spot these birds and run after them to get a good shot. On slightly rarer occasions, spotting of jackals, deer, jungle cats and leopards have been reported. How To Reach- Drive from Mumbai is around 1.5 Hours to 2 Hours. There is no public transport that can take you there.How Many Days - A one day trip is good but it is recommended to go early in the morning or late afternoon to spot birdsWhere To Stay- Stay is not required as such but there are small guests houses around if you like to do an overnight trip and wake up early in the morning for bird photography.