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Alpine Wineries (Guest House)

This is one of the best wineries of the country which was started by Raghavendra Gowda in 2007. They serve the best wines to the wine lovers. Mr. Gowda is said to be one of the firsts to have planted grave trees in the Mysore- Mandya region and that is now spread over a 100 hectare area amidst the 500 hectare he owns in total. He has very carefully planted in his vineyard 12 varieties of grapes out of which 6 are red grapes and the other 6 are white grapes. He has managed to bring down some of the most advanced technologies to implement in his vineyard from around 15 different countries. The grapes are planted here very closely to maximize the taste. They also have a guest house for you when you feel a single tour is just not enough to know it all about the wines and wine making processes.
Tanushree Patwa
Their state-of-the-art technology comes from more than 15 countries (including Brazil, France, Austria and Switzerland), to contribute to an unprecedented creation process. The company has been successful in planting twelve selected varieties of grapes (six red and six white). And they also make every effort towards the preservation of precious ingredients and health-promoting factors of wine. They work with one of France’s most famous winemakers in order to bring out the best in this promising Indian terroir.Where: No. 698 & 699, Holesalu Village, Banave, Karnataka Price: Approximately 2000/-
We step away from Nashik for this one, to Holesalu, in Mysore district, so this is another convenient day trip for Bangaloreans. It’s not as fancy a set-up as you’d see in some of the Nashik wineries, so you do need to call ahead and tell them what you want. They will take you through the process of wine-making and arrange a wine-tasting session in the wine cellar. They have six wines – three red and three white. The entire schedule will take about four hours if you opt to have lunch there, as well. You also have the charming option of camping out on the lawn in front of the lake if you’d like to indulge in a couple of bottles. Can’t drive back after that!