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Balligavi Kedareshwar

Located in the town of Balligavi near Shikaripura in Shivamoga, this is known for the temples of Kedareshwara and Bhundereshwara. This was a very popular place during the 11th and 12th Centuries and was a center for learning and culture. It flourished a lot under the rule of the Chalukyas as well as the Hoysalas and the temple of Kedareshwar was built at the time of the Hoysalas. This ancient temple still lives up to its grandeur and is regarded as beautiful. There are sections dedicated to Lord Vishnu on the Western and Southern parts and that to Lord Shiva on the Northern Parts. There are a number of other smaller temples inside dedicated to other gods and godesses.
Deeptangan Pant
In the non-descript village of Balligavi, around 3 km from the busy hamlet of Siradkoppa on the Shikaripura- Sira highway, a couple of impressive temples of the Hoysalas and Chalukyas style stand in stark contrast to the simple rural dwellings nearby. Like Banavasi, Balligavi has an illustrious past that has faded into oblivion. During its zenith it is estimated that around 54 temples dotted this landscape along with several maths belonging to Shaivas, Vaishnavas, Jains and Buddhists. Many Hoysala sculptors of repute honed their skills here and the Kedareshvara Temple in the village attests to the artistic brilliance that flourished here.