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holiday resort
Rs 3500 approx. per night

Casa Cottage

Originally known as the Casa Piccola Cottage, this is like a contrast in the heart of the city. This is because getting up with the sound of birds chirping is not what you would actually expect in the heart of Richmond Place in Central Bangalore but this does happen here. This is a 3-Star Hotel with the best staff and very good service. They have a beautiful garden and the whole place is extremely peaceful. A stay here during your trip to Bangalore is definitely worth it. They also allow pets along with their guests and this is one unique feature about them. Their location is also a reason which attracts guests over and over again.
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Tucked away from the metropolitan madness in a small green alcove in Bangalore, the bright cheerful rooms of Casa Cottage are a relief from the city with all its benefits still intact. There is a small café that serves dinner and snacks in case you do not want to step out. This accommodation has been chosen knowing full well the concrete monotony of a city, and to inject some charm into your tour right from the beginning.