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Gaganachukki Falls Road

Located in Mandya district of Karnataka, Gaganachukki Falls road leads you to Shivanasamudra Falls which constitute of Gaganachukki falls and Bharachukki Falls. The falls are present on the Kaveri River and are known for their fierce velocity. Mysore is among the major cities which are connected with the falls via Gaganachukki Falls road. It is at a distance of 60 km. The beautiful Gaganachukki Falls resemble a horsetail. Its height is approximately 98 metres. There is a watch tower located in Shivanasamudra from where you can gain a sweeping view of Gaganachukki Falls. A huge parking space is available for the visitors, and it takes around 15 minutes to walk to the falls from the parking space. It is a popular tourist spot. In fact, the first hydro-electric power station of Asia was established near Gaganachukki Falls road. During monsoon, travellers can receive some panoramic views along the Gaganachukki Falls road.
Gunjan Upreti
The eastern branch of the waterfall is known as Barachukki while the western branch is known as Gaganachukki. Together, they are known as the Shivanasamudra Falls.Gaganachukki cascades down a height of 98 m and this gorgeous waterfall is where Asia's first hydroelectric power station was set up in the year 1905.The waterfalls are located at a distance of about 139 km from Bangalore and about 60 km from Mysore.