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Honnamana Temple

This place is also known as Honnamana Kere and it is a beautiful lake. This is the largest lake in Coorg and also one of the largest in Karnataka. The scenic beauty, green hills and beautiful coffee plantations make it nothing less than Paradise on Earth. There is a small temple here which is dedicated to the extremely revered Goddess Honnamana here. The Goddess is known to have resided in this place and served the welfare of the people here. After her death, the locales built a temple to honor her and she is still said to be protecting the whole region. Another attraction here is the Bagni Festival which includes a number of elaborate rituals and a lot of people take part in the celebrations. Also beautiful are the gorgeous wild animals that you can spot here at times. The best time to visit this temple is during the Gouri Puja.
Harleen Kalsi
Whilst listening to various folklores on our way to the Honnamana Lake, also a popular spot for rock climbing, the journey made quite a remark for itself with mighty cliffs and lush background with perfumed richness of coffee.