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Kadle Beach

Also known as the Kudle Beach, this is an important beach of the beautiful town of Gokarna. Gokarna is very close to the cosmopolitan of Bangalore and thus a fantastic small trip can be arranged in no time. The crowd here is extremely decent and you will hardly find any Indians here except a few gangs and families. The beach is of the shape of the alphabet of 'C' and one side you will find lovely, green coconut palms and the perfect contrast on the other where you will see rocky outcrops. There are a number of eateries surrounding this beach and all of them serve awesome food. however, if you are planning to find a resort here, you are most unlikely to succeed in your quest.
Shrivathsa Udupa
Landscape was beautiful, From top, the burning sun. The never ending roar of the ocean. Coconut trees. A fishing ship at a distance.
Ankita Vimal
Kadle beach awaited us post-lunch, walking along the stretch of sand leads to discovering so many virgin beaches, where you can actually meet the real inhabitants of the sea. What not we saw – jumping jellyfish, star-fishes sprawled across like stars in the sky, so many different breeds of colourful crabs and oh yea, some skulls (animals) too.