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Keladi Rameshwara Temple

Keladi is a historical town and is famous for the Rameshwara Temple here. The town is in the Shimoga District and was once the capital of the Keladi Rulers. The Rameshwara Temple looks very simple from outside. It resembles the look of nothing just a typical Kannada Residence. As you go inside, you find out the difference. The temple is very old and very cool inside, most probably because of the usage of stone everywhere. The three main deities here are Lord Rameshwara with the bull, Lord Veerbhadra and Lord Ganesha. In a place, you will also find the statue of Queen Chenamma on a horse and again another once where the wueen is worshipping Lord Ganesha. In the back portion of the temple you will find something very interesting. It is a whole wall with a vastu diagram drawn on it.
Deeptangan Pant
Built using greenish grey schist in the Dravida style of architecture and incorporating Kadamba and Hoysala influences, the Rameshwara Temple has many notable sculptures and carvings done on wood and stone. The Vastu Purush or the God of structures sculpture on one of the outer walls is unique; other works of art worth mentioning are the statues of Daksha and Narasimha, coiled serpents on the ceiling and Yali pillars. An impressive museum, close to the temple, houses rare artifacts and paintings and is definitely worth a visit. A painting called ‘The Guardian Angel of the British Empire’ depicting the various colonies of the British Empire on the body of Queen Victoria with India on her bosom is noteworthy.