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Keshava Temple

Originally known as the Chennakeshava Temple, this is in the town of Somanathapura. It was built by a general named Somanatha of the Hoysala empire during the reign of Narasimha III. This temple was built to honor not only the cult deity of the Hoysalas but also to honor the king who is known to have been extremely loving to his subjects. The prime deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu and the style of architecture is a typical Hoysala Style. This 13th century temple is also one of the best examples of Hoysala Art and architecture. This is the best preserved Hoysala temple and is very attractive mainly due to the carvings on the stone pillars especially on the eastern face of the temple.
Divya Chandrashekhar
Karthik Rao V
One of the finest examples of the classical Hoysala architecture, the Chennakesava Temple located in the city of Somanathapur has history dating back to the 12th century and is built using the famous vesara style of architecture making it an important tourist destination in Karnataka. It is most popular for the foundation which is star shaped and all its walls are carved beautiful sculptures of the Hoysala Peried.