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Rs 10 for Indians, Rs 220 for foreigners

Lotus Mahal

This is the most beautiful as well as the most popular building inside the Zenana Enclosure in Hampi. The actual purpose of this monument is not known but it is assumed that this was the socializing place for the royal ladies. The name is derived from the shape of the palace. It is one of the very few non- religious structures in hampi and strangely was not destroyed during the seige here. It is two storey and has an open base with pillars and balconies and high arched windows. The palace is decorated with lights in the evening and this makes it even more beautiful.
Anshul Akhoury
Nearby to Elephant Stables you'll find Lotus Mahal that was built for entertainment of the Royal Women. It lies in the East of the Elephant Stables and the entry fee for Indians is rs 10 and for Foreign Nationals $5.