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Namaste Cafe

This is a hotel cum restaurant right on the Om Beach. This is not a posh but a beautiful sea- facing loaction. If you want a room here they will take you to one of the pretty cottages they have for their guests. Otherwise, you can also just come for a meal or an evening snack here. They serve really good food and their specialty is their freshly brewed coffee of course. The rate of rooms as well as food is comparatively low here and the staff are extremely warm and polite too.
Nidhi Bhatiwara
Later, we decided to chill at Namaste café which is on the Om Beach. The view was amazing; however the food was really average. For dinner we went to this small café called Halfway Home which serves wooden made pizza and tiffin(south Indian thalis). We opted for pizza and we loved it and it became my highlight number 5. I could not tag the location but it is right next to Zostel.To end this night, we could not hold ourselves from chilling at cliff points of Zostel.There are other things to like as per the inputs from locals there are:•You can spend a night camping at Half moon beach or Paradise Beach. There are facilities available and you can easily in get touch with the help of reception of your hotel/hostel•Nirvana Beach which farther to Paradise beach and you can reach there through fairy•Yana Caves•Kayaking, banana rides and other water sports at Kudle or Gokarna Beach•Mirjan Fort•Prema restaurant and Malgudi café near Zostel for authentic South Indian food.For more travel and food updates visit my page below: Instagram
Our hotel Namaste Cafe was around 10km from Gokarna through small ghat climb and the drive gives stunning view of the beaches and surrounding. Namaste cafe is beautiful cottages just near OM beach.
Supriya Sahu
It brims with numerous cafes and is perfect if you are hungry. Don’t forget Namaste Cafe - a hunger saviour with a mesmerising view of jagged peaks and clear ocean.
Vikram Mn
We took a couple of autos and John was waiting there at the gate for us. After some formal introduction to rest of the folks we checked in our room. The ambience of the resort was great but the rooms were average, definitely not worth the six thousand rupees we paid. Rooms had two one liter water bottles + towel and soaps. No room service and even for water we had to pay extra. Now, that's atrocious. Will tell more in coming paragraphs.We quickly got ready and decided that we'd have lunch in Gokarna, as anyways we'd have in Namaste in the next few days. Lunch at Pai's restaurant was decent. Meals, Fried Rice, Onion Pakoda, Gobi Manchurian etc. Fried Rice was worst but rest was decent. Coffee was good too. In Gokarna you can see that majority of the places women seem to be working. It was the same in the case of Mizoram too. Don't know whether its welcome change but something you'd notice immediately if you go to Gokarna. In lieu of that, Pai's kitchen was totally handled by ladies.
Niyatha Bhat
here is the complete details of how you can enjoy a perfect two day trip to gokarna.