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Namaste Cafe

This is a hotel cum restaurant right on the Om Beach. This is not a posh but a beautiful sea- facing loaction. If you want a room here they will take you to one of the pretty cottages they have for their guests. Otherwise, you can also just come for a meal or an evening snack here. They serve really good food and their specialty is their freshly brewed coffee of course. The rate of rooms as well as food is comparatively low here and the staff are extremely warm and polite too.
Chaitali Chatterjee
We headed towards Om beach for our Late Lunch at Namaste Cafe. Heard about this cafe a lot. The food is average with lot of wait time. Preferably, being a food lover, I didn't like any of the food that we ordered. However, the view is awesome. So you can have a bottle of liquor and spend time gazing at the beach.
Priya Pareek
Sidhant Madaan
We, then, trekked towards the Om beach to have a good meal at the famous "Namaste Cafe". It's a moderately expensive place which serves good food with of a beautiful view of the sea from the beach side. A good place to chit chat, we spent four hours talking. Later, we moved towards the sunset point to capture a beautiful sunset with a good cloudy sky. The sea expressed its joy towards the beauty of the sun setting by smashing waves on the shore. And that was that for my first weekend get-a-way. We boarded a bus at night which dropped us in Bangalore in the morning and we had to rush to the college in order to save our attendance. 
The place we had decided early for our lunch stop was Namaste Cafe. We had heard so much, that when we actually ended up there, we didnt mind the 30 minutes wait time. Thankfully the fact that, its on the beach and we had our hands on a bucket of beers ,made the wait time go by without us getting irritated at all. The food was pretty good, however not extra-ordinary. The ambiance however made up for the same. We spent another hour or so roaming around the beach, and clicking some nice photographs.
Babu Reddy
We directly went to OM Beach which is the jewel of Gokarna beaches and unpacked our luggage and pitched tents. There are very few options for dinner in OM beach after 8PM. We chose Namaste Cafe which is at starting of the beach. Food was tasty but staff is not so friendly.Tides were fast because it was full moon and the place where we pitched tents started to fill with water. So we packed our luggage and moved toward center of OM beach and it was the best place for camping. By the time we pitched tents in second place the time was 12AM.Camping under full moon, camp fire and friends to share stories.... that was the moment I just felt this night should never end..