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December to March
12 AM - 12 PM
Accommodation, Bonfire and Leisure
Starting from ₹2600

Rottikallu Resort

Rottikallu is a scenic resort which provides all the basic amenities like free parking space, large sports ground and a smoking point on the premises of the resort. It is situated in the lap of Western Ghats. It stretches across 20 acres and is built while keeping eco-conservation in mind. With an aim to offer stress relief and relaxation, it facilitates people of all age groups. Rottikallu Resort is located at a distance of 24 km from Sakleshpur. The resort is named after Rottikallu, a gorgeous viewpoint, which is located at a distance of 7 km from Sakleshpur. The gushing River Hemavathi forms a major landmark in this region. For entertainment, bonfires are organized at Rottikallu Resort at night, and the atmosphere gets filled with songs and amusement. The surroundings are adorned with gurgling streams, magnificent mountains and thick forest covers. The pleasant weather makes it a favourable tourist spot.
Anil Kumar
4. Rotti-kallu Resort:Named after the Rotti-kallu viewpoint, this resort is something which is famous among bangloreans. Many families and also office groups enjoy their weekends here in this resort.The road connectivity is also very good. The property is spread over 20 acres with a stream passing on and gives an exotic touch to the resort. All the age groups people and couples to groups opt this resort and come with a lots of memories with them. The activities done here are water football, tarzing, outdoor trekking to the nearby scenic spots, beach volley ball and many more. The best part is children have an ample place to indulge in nature here.Rooms: Premium cottages, Standard cottages, and Dormitory.Location: Rottikallu Road, Hanbal Hobli, Bilisare village, Sakleshpur Taluk, Achanahalli, Karnataka 573165.Contact nos: 8095052225, 9008002550, 9483175373.