February-April, May-November
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sera Mey Monastery University

Sera Mey Monastic University is one of the best seats of learning inside of the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism, a school in which the Kadampa custom in general, and especially the considerable Nalanda convention are safeguarded in their entireties. Sera Mey Monastic University - the name that echoes over the place where there is snow like the sun and the moon - was fabricated by Jamchen Choeje Shakya Yeshi during 1359-1435, an immediate supporter of the humane friend in need Tsongkhapa [1357-1419]. As the religious community gives off an impression of being encompassed by Servas, a regular tree that develops in the encompassing, the term Sera - a condensing of the Tibetan word Servairawa that actually implies the wall of Serva - bit by bit happened to be utilized. In this region, Tsongkhapa is known not made his popular content the Ocean of Reasoning, his analysis to Arya Nagarjuna's Fundamental of Wisdom.