February-April, May-November
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sera Mey Monastic University for Advanced Buddhist Studies and Practices

Sera Mey Monastic University for Advanced Buddhist Studies and Practice takes after its hundreds of years old custom and society going back to its awesome period in Tibet, to this present day without much noteworthy change. As such the cloister keeps on existing in a run of the mill Tibetan Gelukpa devout convention to this day. The religious community's association is all around sorted out into two separate streams, one included in Spiritual and Educational Administration and the other in General and Financial Administration. The Spiritual Administration is related on every single spiritual affairs, petition to God, puja, educational modules and scholastic course or examination, The General organization deals with the general and monetary issues of the monastery. The advisory group is in charge of the organization of Monastic University Course, and holds a comparable obligation that of an advanced Academic University Department. This place is like a heaven for all the monks living in here. People all over the world come here to visit this place.
Krishnan T P
After this place i took a bike's lift for reaching next camp. The next camp close this was Sera Monastery camp. This place is also called as Lama temple. The main temple was closed during the time of my visit, so i cant able to go inside and see the temple.