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Sharavathi Valley View Point

Talking about the beautiful Sahyadris, The Sharavathi Valley is the most beautiful valley you will find here. The valley is in the Central Western Ghats region and is surrounded by lush greenery and forests on all sides. The river Sharavathi is also beautiful here. Many naturalists and scientists have come here in search of information about the exotic flora out here. There is also a spot out here which is perfect for bird watchers especially during the early hours of the day. So much of exotic beauty in a single place is surprising yet very refreshing. Away from the noise of the city and pollution of development, this place is unexploited as extremely detoxifying.
Raj Abhishek
Great view of the river Sharavathi flowing through the valley !
After a short photo stop reached shimoga by 8 30 and stopped at famous hotel sharada bhavana for breakfast, and then started riding again came across beautiful roads of sharavathi valley offered excellent curvy roads for cornering, we shot a video of cornering. myself and Avinash had new duke 200 and Sumanth had pulsar 200NS which was not more than 8 months old, so it was like on the road one on one test of two equally talented beasts across corners and straight roads. was enjoying every km of riding and every corner. words cant express the feel how it feels like while riding.