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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
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Rs 10 for Indians and USD 5 or equivalent amount for foreigners. Rs 25 for video camera and still camera free of cost. Entry for children upto 15 years is free. You can also retain the ticket to use it again on the very day to enter the Royal Zenana Enclosure.

Vitthala Temple

This forms the central temple of Hampi and is the most beautiful piece of architecture here. The grandeur of this temple till today cannot be expressed in words. The pillars and sculptures inside this 15th century temple are just awesome. The taste of art and the expertise of sculptors and artists even so long back will make you awestruck. The stone chariot is the most attractive part of this temple and the mineral paintings left till date on the lower part of this extravagant stone chariot tells a lot about the type of art in that time. The temple is believed to have been beautified and expanded by all the following kings of this place. Vitthala is a form of Lord Vishnu who is believed to have been worshipped as the cult deity especially of the cattle rearers during the 15th century. The elephant statues, main mantap, the Narasimha carvings on the pillars of the northern hall and the life size statue of God Garuda are all very beautiful too.
Amol Sonawane
Vitthala Temple, HampiThe Vitthala Temple is the highlight of Hampi's temple architecture. Even though it was never completed this temple still holds the most incredible. Elaborate marvelous sculptural work, the legendary stone chariot, and the majestic musical pillar. But tourists are not allowed to play the musical pillars to avoid damages.
Priyanka Makhija
Day 2 :The next leg of our trip started with a refreshing breakfast overlooking the paddy fields juxtaposed with the huge boulders. By then I was a Hampi fan in my heart. We explored a bit more of this place for the next couple of hours and later took a coracle(another very Hampi thing to do) ride to reach the other side of the river. On our way to the famous Vitthala Temple, we saw the scattered pieces of archeological ruins.One advice, stay very hydrated and wear a good sunscreen while in Hampi because the afternoons are harsh and the sun goes wild.Vitthala temple is the epicenter of all the attractions in Hampi, extravagant in its form and a marvel of architecture build during 15 century AD. This place is a photographer's canvas and is home to the famous Stone Chariot.
Namrata Thanekar
Next day we started our journey to visit another part of Hampi.The most impressive structure in Hampi, the Vithala Temple dates back to the 16th century and is a truly splendid example of rich architecture. The famous stone chariot, which has become an iconic symbol of the architecture of Hampi, is located inside the premises of this temple. Beautiful carvings. Musical pillars. Amazing
Musical pillars The Vittala Temple or Vitthala Temple in Hampi is an ancient monument and part of UNESCO'S world heritage site. It is famous for for its exceptional architecture and skilled craftsmanship. It is the largest and the most famous structure in Hampi, built in the 15th century by the Vijaynagar empire. It is widely-known for it houses the stone chariot. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vitthala, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The iconic temple has amazing stone structures such as the incomparable stone chariot and the fascinating musical pillars. It personifies the creativity and impeccable skills of the engineers and craftsmen of the bygone era.
Amey Pednekar
A visit to Hampi is incomplete without a tour of the Vitthala temple. I had left the best for the last as I arrived at around 9am at the temple parking. I was taken aback at the line of tourists waiting for the E-kart which is the only mode of transport available between the parking and temple entrance. You can obviously walk but it may not always be the best choice considering Hampi stays hot for most part of the day. However, considering it was still early morning, I chose the latter option fully knowing the frequency of the karts isn’t the best coupled with the size of the crowd, meant I would be wasting time waiting in the line.