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December - February
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Kurumgad Island

This is a very remote island with absolutely no facilities for you. You can take a boat ride from the Kali River and reach here. You just have to make sure that you come back before 5 PM since you will not find anything to get back after it is dark. There is nothing much to see here except the wild flora and vegetation of this place. If you are too much in need of adventure, you can make arrangements and stay back here to camp on the island. This is however an ideal place for photography.
Turtle Island (Kurumgad Island)
Onkar Patwardhan
Kurumgad Island is one of the two major islands you see from almost any beach in Karwar. It is a good 20 mins boat ride away from Kodibag Beach. Unfortunately, we could not reach there since the tides were high and terrifying. At any moment, the boat could have capsized and I wanted to be alive to write this blog. But, a visit there is imminent in the near future. Great Outdoors has a resort on the island. You can stay with them though they also organize day trips. You can go Scuba diving and snorkeling too in winters. Seems one amazing visit to come.
Once in Karwar town, he had some snacks and headed towards the office. From the port it was a 20 mins boat ride to the resort in Kurumgad Island. Me and Sid had gone there 3 years back and were surprised to learn that they still recognized us. Again a tasty lunch and we went to our tents. The change from dry forest to humid beach was not going so well with most of us and we were longing for a nice bath. Also we were very tired after the long journey and some went to 'sound' sleep in the middle of chatting session itself. After a short nap, we headed to the beach for water sports. Unfortunately because of the strong wind, only banana boat ride was possible.