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Malik Deenar Mosque

Built by Malik Ibn Deenar, this is a typical Kerala style mosque which is in the Thalankara region. It is one of the best preserved mosques of the state. Long time back in the 7th Century, this man was a trader who ame down to India with 12 of his associates to trade in this country and with another aim of spreding Islam in other parts of the world. They started spreading their message along with trading here peacefully. The king Cheraman Oerumal got to know about this and was highly impressed by theoir ways of spreading religion. On being asked, Ibn Deenar replied that the secret behind his honesty was his recent turn to Islam. The king was so happy with them and was so highly convinced that he himself embraced Islam. Later, this mosque was built and Ibn Deenar was made the first Qazi. He is also said to be the first person who had brought Islam to the country.