Post noon
11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Food and accommodation, natural views, photography
approx. ₹500 for two
October - December, and April - June
1 out of 27 attractions in Kasol

evergreen cafe kasol

Located in the small and peaceful hamlet of Kasol in Himachal, Evergreen Cafe Kasol is a hotel-cum-restaurant that's just about 200 metres from the Kasol market. The cafe is more famous for Israeli food amongst the visitors. The cosy interiors of the cafe, toothsome food, and friendly staff add to the charm of this dreamlike setting where all kind of travellers are welcomed with warmth; couples, explorers, families, students, etc. Apart from the food and drinks, Evergreen Cafe Kasol is the place to be as it offers spellbinding views of the towering mountains that stand guard to this region in Himachal Pradesh.