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Khajuraho Temples

This is a temple complex just on the banks of the Khajur River. All the temples except the Brahma and the Chausath Yogini temples are built in sandstone or sandstone buff in pink and pale yellow colour. The other temples are built of stone and granite. These are the pride of the Chandella rulers and are an ultimate example of beauty and grandeur. The temples are dedicated to a variety of Hindu gods and goddesess and various forms and the carvings on the walls are mostly based on the theme of love, lust, court life and kings and queens. The temple complex is divided into two parts- the Eastern and the Western temple complex. The major temples here are the Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Lakshmana Temple, Varaha Temple, Brahma Temple, Chausath Yogini Temple and many more. This temple complex is the prime attraction of Khajuraho and also one of the main reasons people come and visit Maddhya Pradesh.
Ragini Mehra
Welcome to Khajuraho, one of India’s most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments boasts of a number of Hindu and Jain temples that have been built as per the Nagara style architectural symbolism. Build during the Chandela dynasty around the 11th century, the temples depict many art masterpieces relating to meditation, erotic art, teachings, royalty and other such subjects.
Khajuraho is a dream destination for photographers and lovers of ancient architecture. It is a combination of architectural brilliance and excellent maintenance. It is a complete myth that the temple is only dedicated to sexual sculptures. It comprises only 20% of the whole architecture. Once people start following the history and the origin of the sculptures, people will appreciate the use of different architecture.As it is a budget backpacking trip, I would mainly concentrate on travel by local buses, sleeper coaches of express trains and would prefer walk or cycling in place of rented cars. Started off on a Friday night in a train which is by far the only train available that ply directly to Khajuraho. The train fare is 450 INR for one side which makes it 900 INR for both side travel. I always look for hostels and luckily I have got one bed in a dormitory with a rent of 350 INR per night which makes it 700 INR for two nights.The most fascinating part of the journey is that there are lots of two wheeler shops available where you can rent motorcycles, scooter and even bicycles.One can hire autorickshaws and cars which usually charge them around 600 to 800 for a half day sight seeing all the temples. We rented a bicycle which costs us 100INR for the whole day which not only gave us the freedom to drive and stop according to our wish but also proved quite an adventure ride in strange city.The most tricky is the meal part. If you go for meals in the hostels or some flashy restaurant you will naturally ended up in wasting up your cash on foods which you gorge on your cities almost daily. Rather go for small outlets and dhabas where you can easily manage meals for a whole day in 200-300 INR.The western group of temples is concentrated on a small area so I would suggest to start with this area and then move to the eastern group of temples.
aditi jain
Right in the heart of the country is located the most explicit and eloquent depictions of lovemaking carved in stones on the walls of the alluring temples of Khajuraho. The three groups of temples- Western, Eastern and Southern with the Western being the largest group are a pleasure to the eyes. This seventh wonder makes you wonder the skilfulness that must have been required for such intricate detailing. People from far off land come this small town just to feel the beauty of these temples and to fetch an answer to the question of why the erotic images are carved on the walls of the temples! Khajuraho temples are indeed living works of art!Best time to visit: November - AprilTimings: 8 am to 6 pmEntrance fees: ₹30 for Indians, ₹500 for foreigners and free for children below 15 years of age. Where to stay: Radisson Jass Hotel is a popular place in the city. Other than that, there is also Zostel, one of the most popular hostel chains in India. You can check out more stay options for Khajuraho here. How to reach: Khajuraho has an airport that is connected to all big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. Khajuraho also has a railway station with great connectivity to all major cities in India. Khajuraho is connected by road to cities like Jhansi, Orchha, Bandhavgarh and Chattarpur.
Shreyasi Debnath
I always wanted to visit Khajuraho & see the temples which are called the Land of Kamasutra. All of a sudden me & my friend planned a visit in the month of May. There are many good hotel options near the Western Ghats temples & it's completely safe for all girls trip. This is my first hand experience. We took the train at night from Delhi & reached the next morning in Khajuraho. 1 whole day is sufficient to see all the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats & Southern Ghats temples. The Western Ghats temples are the most important & built by the Chandela dynasty & basically into Hindu gods & godesses. They were the descendants of the Moon (Chand), so got the name Chandelas. When I saw the temples, I was spellbound. The sculptors, the intricate designs, the temple jewellery designs are so prominent. The slabs are attached to each other with the screwing & interlocking system & not by any glue or nails & those temples were built between 959 to 1050 CE. But I found only 20%-30% of the temple engraving sculptors which are related to Kamasutra, but mostly are the detailing of Man-Woman relationship, the way of everyday life they used to live in those days & also they have some inner depth. Like a young female with a voluptuous figure is looking at the mirror & smiling, & another female who is bit old & with shagging structures is sad. This implies how the external beauty is an illusion. The only beauty is the inner beauty which will never fade. Also, another sculptor is showing that a female is taking out thorn from her feet. This shows life is full of struggles & we have to ignore them & proceed in life. The Eastern Ghats temples have a mixture of Hinduism & Jainism & the sculptors & engravings are slightly bigger than the Western Ghats. The Southern Ghats have very few temples & is related to Lord Vishnu. Another day is required to see the Pandav waterfalls which is 35 km from Khajuraho & Raneh waterfalls which is 12 km from the town. Since I visited Khajuraho in summer, I gave them a miss as the falls were mostly dry. But one should try them if you visit in monsoon. One should not miss the Light & Sound show in the evening which tells the entire history of the temples. Per person cost is 200 INR.