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The Sundarbans

Spread over the land of India and Bangladesh, Sundarbans are home to countless bird species and endangered animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans – A UNESCO World Heritage Site is the world’s largest stretch of mangrove forest. If you are fond of flora and fauna, ensure heading over to Sundarbans before the endangered species become extinct.
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Sunderbans has been recently declared as the Ramsar Site by UNESCO. The land has encountered enormous struggle with the poachers and hunters. To keep the area protected and preserve the Royal Bengal tigers, numerous efforts by the government, forest departments and NGOs has at last seen the silver lining! After installation of cameras to technically track tiger sighting, today the number of tiger stand at 104.To reach Sunderbans one has to first travel upto Godhkhali. We reached there from Kolkata after an almost 4 hours long journey. We had previously made all the booking for the boat stay, which was a package of 2 days and one in the boat. From Godhkhali, the representative procured all the passes required from the forest department and we set off on the boat. It is like an elaborate launch with night stay facility. We were taken to the Bhagatpur Crocodile Sanctuary which is on the banks of the Saptamukhi Estuary. It is supposed to be the only crocodile project in the state and houses varieties of crocodiles and turtles too.
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Hang out with the Royal Bengal Tiger at The Sundarbans.If ever there could be a place fit to be the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, it is the Sundarbans. An extensive network of intertwined mangroves, Sundarbans forms the world’s largest river delta. Just another reason to plan a visit here.
3. Sundarbans, West Bengal – The two faces of mother natureThe Sundarban Delta is one of the most fascinating places in the world if you're into nature and wildlife. Home to the largest mangrove forest it is also famous for the now endangered Bengal Tiger. But nature has a dark side too. The delta is in a low lying region which puts it at great risk of annihilation by being submerged underwater. Add to that the growing impact of global warming (it's not a myth, people!) and the rising sea level, this beautiful region could soon be history.